Eye on Community — February 2011

Greetings Daevas,

In this month in Eye on Community, we bring you interviews with Hayate of Urtem and the Another Cold Day Legion, an article on the Atreian Stock Market, and a look at fashion accessories in the Master Craft segment. You can also get a player's perspective of the Love to the Rescue and Vanity Fayre live events through screenshots. And by the way, a big "grats" again to the winners of Vanity Fayre: Season One!

This month we're also hosting Gateway Getaway and Double XP events. For two weeks, we open new entrances to the Chambers of Roah, Asteria Chambers, Kysis Chamber, Mieren Chambers, and Abyssal Splinter. These entrances in Reshanta are at Primum (Asmodian) and Teminon (Elyos). Now you can try several fortress instances regardless of faction ownership and level up more quickly if you haven't gotten to 55 to run the fortresses.

Have fun, and see you in-game!


Topic of the Month: Love

Live Events Recap

Valentine's Day brings to mind thoughts of love and romance during February, and that theme inspired two February live events: Love to the Rescue and the Vanity Fayre.

Love to the Rescue:

Love to the Rescue started off with a travel advisory news announcement and portals appearing in Eltnen and Morheim. On Valentine's Day, another news announcement went out telling Daevas that citizens of Atreia were disappearing. At that moment, Romeo realized that planning a romantic getaway in the desert might not have been the best course of action. Juliet was being held captive by the Balaur! Many Daevas assembled to help rescue Juliet, and they fought bravely against wave after wave of increasingly tougher Balaur until the portals they came out of started to lose power. Out of the final portal, Commander Blarg appeared. A mighty battle ensued, and when Blarg was defeated, Romeo sent out a gift to the entire population in gratitude for all those that helped in saving Juliet.

Vanity Fayre:

Vanity Fayre: Season One was Atreia's first fashion show. Numerous applicants signed up on the forums, and it was a tough choice to narrow the field to 10 contestants for each server's faction. On the day of the event, turnout was great, and the outfits were incredible! We put out polls on the forum to allow players to vote for which contestant was the best-dressed Daeva. The Haute Couture staff also decided that a professional fashion opinion might be helpful, and so they selected staff picks to supplement the player vote, resulting in two contestants from each faction being selected as winners. The winners received a Beatific Outfit, and all the contestants took home a Beatific Halo.


Player of the Month

First Name: Axel

Main Aion Character:


Server: Urtem

Faction: Asmodian


Bloody Requiem

Class: Assassin

Location: Paris

Favorite item:


Flarestorm's Dagger

Favorite Skill: Quickening Doom

Favorite Place in Aion:

Eye of Reshanta

How did you get started in video gaming, and what led you to Aion?

I discovered video games thanks to my classmates, who were playing on consoles. Since then, I tried every type of game, but I'm mostly interested in games that offer a competitive spirit of play. In particular, I like console fighting games, and I took part in some Soulcalibur, Guilty Gear, and Dead or Alive tournaments. On the MMORPG side, I only got involved in Ragnarok Online and Aion, where I created the Legion Bloody Requiem twice.

What is the thing that you like best in Aion?

First, I really appreciate its energetic nature, its animation, and its graphics. I like spectacular, fast-paced fighting. Its wild PvP aspect makes it terribly unpredictable, and so it's very exciting. It can also be frustrating—you need to get used to it.

Can you tell us more about the Legion you're in?

I'm the Brigade General of Bloody Requiem. It's a PvP-oriented Legion created in 2004 on Ragnarok Online. Over the years, we became a big bunch of mates! In Aion, we progressed at our own pace. We didn't want to impose a particular rhythm on our members' play. With patience and perseverance, we acquired good PvP equipment and built one of the most influential Legions on Urtem. Our motto is to play the way you like to. We don't force people to do anything that they don't want to. All we ask for is good team spirit, a liking for PvP (which doesn't mean that we refuse PvE-oriented players), respect, and honor in battle.

Why did you choose to be an Assassin? What do you like about that class?

In my opinion, the Assassin is the most impressive and fun class to play. Even though it's been a bit neglected during the game patches, strategy, patience, and accuracy are qualities you gain when playing an Assassin. I can't get enough of its fast-paced, fluid nature and astonishing visuals. The class's fragility in battle pushes us to hone our skills to the maximum. In battle, we present a deadly dance to our opponents.

Have you checked the 2.5 patch notes? Are you excited about this incoming patch?

Of course! All Assassins would say the same thing about the patch. I'm enthusiastic about where our class is buffed, even though I doubt those power-ups will be extreme. Beyond that, I don't see any large changes. We'll have to wait for Aion 3.0 for big changes, especially on the PvP side.

I really hope that the new instance in Balaurea's fortresses sparks some interest. If it offers a good AP income, it could even change the focus of large-scale faction PvP from that of 2.0, which would be awesome!

Can you tell us more about your website,

It's the website of the organization that deals with large-scale faction PvP from the Asmodian point of view on Urtem. Aion is a game for individuals, but it is driven by faction mechanisms. Therefore, it's impossible to access the whole content of the game without some players spending time organizing, communicating in game, dividing rewards up, and motivating individual players to common goals.

Asmodian faction PvP was very successful for a few months. Unfortunately, it now lacks luster due to a series of Elyos victories and the departure of some Asmodian leaders. The tremendous Elyos reorganization (which I congratulate) didn't help either. But the war is not over! As some may know, I was left alone to deal with large-scale faction PvP lately, but we

hope to make a comeback in the battlefield once our leadership is consolidated.

I take this opportunity to invite all the strategists to contact us: We'd like to build a team of three or five leaders that would deal with the busy large-scale faction PvP schedule from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. every single day!

If you are a Legion that would like to discover faction PvP or get some help with it, we would also like to take the time to prepare you with us for our big comeback. Join us on!


Master Crafted

Greetings Daevas,

My name is Vivienne Vestanyerk from the Atreian Haute Couture house, some of you may have already been involved in our Vanity Fayre recently and my what a wonderful selection of attire you showed. So this is my column and what better to write about than all things fashion related in the world of Atreia.

This month I'm looking at the fashion accessory of the century, you guessed it a replica sword, Heraloene's Sword to be precise. This replica was handmade by some very talented folks; they also created a matching shield and my personal favourite a lovely presentation case made from sandalwood.

Check out the images and video below:

Replica Heraloene's Sword

In my next column we'll be delving into the phenomenon that is Cosplay with some tips and tricks on how to make some of your own Atriean Armour. If you have any amazing costumes, armour pieces or any Atriean Cosplay items you'd like me to talk about, send my assistant a mail at Ta Ta For Now my lovelies, Vivienne Vestanyerk


Legion of the Month


Another Cold Day


Thor (Europe)



Brigade General:



Elizafa, Gnork, Ayina, Leatirel, Learith, Aleya & Plasmaakippi

Legion formed: 09-21-2009

Legion Server Ranking: 1

Legion World Ranking: 1 (

Another Cold Day

Another Cold Day is one of the most active German legions on the Thor server. They have always tried to accomplish the impossible. They were the first to step into the Abyss, and were busy fighting Andre and Engineer Lahulahu when most of us were still struggling through the starting zones! We decided to get to know them, and spoke to Yuki, the leader of ACD.

Why did you decide to play Aion?

My first MMO was Ultima Online. Some friends of mine played it, and told me about the game and the genre. Then came WoW, which I played for five years before getting bored. I started looking for something new. Another friend told me that Aion was looking good, so I got a BETA key, and found a new and good-looking game! I had lots of fun in the BETA, and have been with Aion since then.

How did Another Cold Day start out? How did you become leader of the legion?

Another Cold Day actually started out as a guild from Age of Conan, although I never played it. They were really successful in AoC, and decided to continue their successes in Aion using the same name. ACD was created to be a small Legion with highly skilled members, and was founded by a player called Crovacs and his real life friends, who I actually knew. At the time, I was looking for a new game, and so asked them if I could join ACD - after a short discussion, I was in! Aion was launched, and we started playing straight away.

Crovacs quickly became the first level 50 player on Thor. I was 5th! Unfortunately, after 1-2 months of playing Aion, Crovacs and his girlfriend decided to quit. We had a vote to see who would be ACD's next leader, and everyone voted for me!

What was ACD like at the beginning? How has it evolved?

At the beginning everyone was leveling hard and trying to reach level 50. I remember the second Stigma Quest being really hard, and we couldn't kill Engineer Lahulahu!

We had a lot of players trying to join us. Everyone wanted to be in ACD. However, our recruitment was pretty selective, and we only chose the best for membership. I don't think we were that serious a legion at beginning, but our main goal was to get involved in the PVP. All members had to join the sieges. We used the phrase "Es wird immer jeder mitgenommen, keiner bleibt draußen", or "Everyone joins, no-one is left behind".

We grew larger, and became the number 1 legion on Thor! We took the first lower Fortress and First Upper Fortress, and the first siege and capture of Siel East or West was fantastic! Everyone was yelling "Yes!" We killed plenty of Asmodians and felt invincible! So, we tried to kill Andre… it quickly turned out that we were not invincible.

What makes ACD different from other legions?

Hmm, I think the way the legion is led. I always say democracy does not work in an MMO - a successful leader should be respected by everyone in the legion. Fortunately, we have strong leadership and people always follow.

We encourage our members to be friendly to all on the server; after all, we can only win the battle against the Asmodians with all the Elyos with us. Because of our reputation, we always lead the action in siege fights.

I must add that I lead the Elyos alliance "New hope". It is an alliance of all the Elyos legions interested in fighting the Asmodians, because we all know that a single Legion can't conquer a fortress or fight off a whole zerg of Asmodians alone. We even have an extra Ts3 Server, which is used by the leaders and officers of all the legions in our alliance. We had a few problems at first, mostly because everyone thought that their ideas were the best, so we decided that only the raid leader gives the commands and everyone else shut up. It works. I have gained the respect of most other leaders by always asking others for their advice, but also by always having a plan in mind.

Which parts of the game do you find the most satisfying?

I love siege warfare! Fighting against lots of red dots is great fun! I also like the new PvE system. The 2.1 patch was really good, because everyone has kinah now, although there might also be some Kinah inflation because of it. He he. It is nice to get a reward for spending time in Beshmundir Temple and Dark Poeta. I think a lot of the "casual players" are really happy about 2.1.

I think it's nice to get a reward but the changes are sometimes too random. We're going the right way but it's still not perfect.

Are you looking for new members for your Legion? If so, then how can people apply?

Sure, we are still looking for new members. In the past we organized random alliances. I've used channel 3 before to recruit. Also, if a player is really good, I just directly ask them to join us. Sometimes, legion members tell me that player x is pretty good and that they could definitely be an asset to our Legion, and sometimes players just ask me "Are you still recruiting Sorcerers, or looking for Gladiators?" Then I send them to check our page (

Obviously, we always check who we invite. We check everyone. Players need to be level 55, have decent PvP gear… I even look at their total PvP kills. During their interview I ask about their gaming hardware, about old legions, previous games. All new members are put on a two week trial - we want only the best players in our legion!

Do you run any legion events?

We often kill omega, but I can't really call that a legion event. Our legion is organizing a 2 on 2 Elyos vs. Asmodians Tournament though! We'll run it in a similar way to the Korean players. I think it's good entertainment for players that are looking for a new opportunity to mess with others. For example, our last organizer, Learith, used the official forum and allowed everyone to apply for it. So far we've run three tournaments, and I managed to win the 1st and 2nd. Gladiator and Cleric combinations are unbeatable!

Any Legion goals?

Maybe to be the best legion in Germany or Europe? To be the best legion on server? I think we've achieved that already. We were the number 1 legion from the very beginning. We were the first in the Abyss, most of the high level players were in ACD, and we were the first "big" legion with a full quota of level 50 members. Really, it's just about having fun together. I remember one time when we took Sulfur Fortress from a legion called "Blackjack und Nutten". Everyone was laughing so much that our ts3 server crashed!

The Top 10 members of the Abyss Rankings table are all Another Cold Day members.

Another Cold Day will never give up fighting the Asmodians!


Atreian Stock Market

Hello Daevas!

Welcome to our second edition of Atreia's Stock Market! This month we're taking another a peek into the fascinating world of the trade broker to identify which items have been performing well.

Enchantment stones are a fairly stable market, as it happens. The 50, 60, and 65 enchantment stones are remaining the hot commodity, while 70 and 75 stones and their typically exponential price increase have seen a significant dropoff in numbers of sales. That said, the 75 stones are also showing a notable trending up of about 10% in price over the first half of February.

The medal market is also continuing a fairly stable trend. Numbers changing hands as well as prices seem to have settled into a steady flow.

Stigma shards are a highly volatile market. Though sales numbers remain consistent, the prices have fluctuated wildly. Due to how low the price of a single stigma shard is, this could be considered one of the 'penny stocks' of Atreia. This is one to keep an eye on, Daevas!

Luichinchinerk wishes to remind you that Daevas who play with stock market take risk! This may seem like bull market, but Daeva could end up with NYERK! Akakakakakak!


From Daevas to Daevas

"This event has turned out better than I thought. The fact Silentera is now accessible regardless of fort ownership has boosted both Balaurea sieges, but also PvP. I really didn't expect this. Since the event is active, enemy forts have been taken on many different servers."

Faalhaas — Spatalos

"You know you've played too much AION if…. you meet a guy with his dog on the street and start running away for at least 26 meters to get out of range of his Spiritmaster pet."

Tana - Kromede

"The most important is not being the strongest but the most respected." Guven — Urtem
"Love the candies, but a floofy white tiger costume would rawk my socks! ^_^" Harleykin — Israphel
"I use my ranger in the air so much I sometimes forget how to kite on the ground or jumpshot :/" Jocelin - Israphel

Artwork of Note
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but whether it's a painting or a screenshot retouched in Photoshop, members of our Aion community use their extensive talents to make beautiful things. This month, we're bringing you a selection of art from our US forums.

Booju of Israphel shared this cutie alliance picture she drew with us:

Pwnt of Siel is a popular character, perhaps because of her exotic look. Here she is first with her own handiwork, and then in a work by Frawd of Israphel from the Freebie Character Art thread.

Express yourself, Daevas!


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