Eye on Community - April

Greetings, Daevas!

Aion 2.5 is the highlight of this month's Eye on Community. We bring you informative Empyrean Calling articles about the mentor system, the Empyrean Crucible Insignia rewards (including gorgeous new costumes), and Legion attire. This month's Eye on Community also includes a new segment of the Atreian Stock Market and our regular monthly interviews of a prominent player and a Legion.

Another month flew by. In April, we launched the Behind Enemy Lines event, paid character transfers, and the complete makeover of! We hope that you continue to enjoy the design of the new website. If you have not yet done so, take a dip into the My Aion section to dive into Aion's game data, search for your characters and those of your friends, or explore a wealth of in-game information.

By the way, make sure to get your hands on your set of our new Lineage® II-inspired armor skin! These armor skins are available only until May 16, 2011. Don't miss your chance to show off your grace, power, and style and your love for Lineage® II!

Finally, we'd like to remind you that the Aion 2.5 update, Empyrean Calling, will be available on the player test server (PTS) on May 12, 2011 and will release on the live servers on May 25, 2011. Make sure to attend our special mini-events on the live servers celebrating the upcoming 2.5 update!

Have fun, play fair, and we'll see you in game!

Topic of the Month

Live Events Recap

As a wise rabbit once said: " That's right, my dear. I'd love to embrace you, but first, I have to satisfy my sense of moral outrage."

In this case - the mass invasion of bunnies - the ensuing slaughter was a moral outrage! Here's a summary of what happened.

Bunny Madness!:

Every year, when winter gives way to spring and the sun warms the land, the Daeva bunny awakens from hibernation for a few magical days to visit Daevas throughout Atreia. The Daeva bunny can appear anywhere, and the folk of Atreia tell stories that they have met the Daeva bunny in all sorts of places—in cities and villages, in dungeons and battlegrounds.

The Daeva bunny never leaves his burrow alone. Wherever he appears, a host of little bunnies herald his arrival, capering friskily and revealing his location.

Recently, Sanctum, Pandaemonium, and many other unexpected locations all over Atreia were transformed by the unexpected arrival of the Daeva bunny and his entourage for several minutes.

View our pictorial report of the mystical Daeva bunny phenomenon.

A Peek at the Mentor System

Aion® 2.5 Empyrean Calling™ introduces a brand new feature to Aion: the mentor system. The mentor system provides a new way for low-level characters and high-level characters to group together to complete game content or explore the world. This feature offers a great way for players to expand their group range, meet new players, and help friends and Legionmates. It allows characters 10 levels or below their mentor to loot the NPCs that the group defeats.

The mentorship can be used both in the open world and in instances. Additionally, two new NPC organizations aid and reward players using the mentor system: the Marchutan Priory and the Circle. Players can acquire matching daily and weekly mentor and disciple quests that help pair high-level and low-level characters to play.

The Marchutan Priory

The Marchutan Priory is an NPC organization focused on providing daily and weekly quests for low-level characters who join the organization. Each Priory quest has a matching mentor quest given to high-level characters who are members of the Circle. When both the mentor and the disciple that is a member of the Priory complete a daily or weekly quest together, they both receive quest credit and rewards from their respective organizations.

Characters can join and maintain membership in the Marchutan Priory beginning at level 10 through level 39.

The Circle

The Circle is an NPC organization focused on providing daily and weekly quests for characters level 40 through level 55. Characters who join the organization receive rewards that included Circle tokens for quest completion. Collect Circle tokens and trade them in for a variety of level 45 and level 55 fabled and eternal items, accessories, and other rewards.

The Mentor Experience — {CC}Trine

You aren't required to be a member of the Circle in order to mentor another character or group of characters. Neither are you required to be a member of the Marchutan Priory to be mentored. Mentoring is a group option for the group leader to choose.

When you select the group option to lead the group as a mentor, you forgo the option to loot the NPCs for yourself. This setting allows low-level characters to do all the looting of the low-level NPCs your group defeats. This allows you to use your mentor position to assist low-level characters in group instances, campaigns, and quests, as well as open world NPCs and bosses.

As a Mentor, on our QA server as {CC}Trine, I was able to group and mentor our North American forum moderator {FM}Bubbles through a variety of instances. First, we two-manned Fire temple, with myself as Bubbles' mentor. With a high level player this was a great way to gear up the lower level player and also hit up the side bosses in a quick run.

As Bubbles progressed in level, I was able to get credit for my Circle quests in Mist Mane and later Steel Rake, while at the same time helping Bubbles experience areas of the game that she previously had little opportunity to explore. We took out the requisite NPCs while also defeating some of the less-known bosses that were off the typical route that most groups take in Mist Mane.

All-in-all, I had a great time helping a low-level character, even though we were only playing on our internal QA server at the time. The feature is a great tool for Legions to help newer members and friends. I also believe it is a nice tool for players to help create groups, complete content, meet new people, and gear up.

The Disciple Experience — {FM}Bubbles

As a game advances and the average level of the character base reaches the cap, it is often difficult to find low-level character to group with for quests and instances. While leveling up yet another alt (I can't help myself, I have 'alt-itis'), I was ran into the problem of finding characters to group with for campaign quests and instances.

Leveling is definitely faster now, but I had pesky quests left over that I just couldn't find a group for. (Typically, we'd end up with three or maybe four people and discuss whether the chanter should tank—with his staff.) I've been waiting for mentoring with bated breath because it represents—to me—the freedom to get and give assistance to your friends and Legionmates, as well as total strangers. Knowing that I can make Trine plow Fire Temple for me or help me clear out the elites in Black Claw so I can finish my campaigns is a huge boon.

Player of the Month

First Name: Jonathan
Main Aion Character: Kasy
Server: Suthran
Faction: Elyos
Legion: En Pire
Class: Sorcerer
Location: France
Favorite Item: Major Ancient Crown
Favorite Skill: Inferno
Favorite Place in Aion: Temple of Artisans and Trade Broker

How did you get started in video gaming, and what led you to Aion?
I have always played a variety of different types of PC games (FPS, RPG, Arcade, RTS, and so on). A friend of mine started Aion on the Korean beta. I watched him play, and that's when I realized I really wanted to play Aion. When Aion launched in France, a bunch of my friends and I bought the game, and we all played together.

What do you like best about Aion?
When the game came out, the PvPvE aspect of the game really attracted me. Being in a fight against other players and mobs at the same time and battling in a group or alliance was awesome. The game was very well balanced despite random mobs' attacks in the Dredgion! I adored version 1.5 and version 1.9 of the game. I also welcomed the 2.0 update, with its new content and new zones. Finally, the 2.1 update boosted crafting! I can't wait for the 2.5 update!

Can you tell us more about the Legion you're in?
My Legion is mainly focused on PvP. It has a variety of character levels. Respect is one of our watch words. Help each other and have fun are our goals. We're all here to enjoy ourselves!

Why did you choose to be a Sorcerer? What do you like about that class?
When I started playing Aion, I was a beginner to playing MMOs. For this reason, I followed my friends' advice not to pick a Cleric or a Templar as they both require a quite a bit of knowledge of MMO mechanics. Among what remained of the classes, I went for a Sorcerer because I liked that it fights at range and the fact that it is one of the classes with the highest DPS. Also, being able to control opponents with my mesmerizing abilities seemed like a very cool thing.

You're one of the lucky players to have the Master Carved Prolix set. How did you managed to accomplish that? When did you start? How many times did you try? How much did it cost you?
I started the project when as soon as version 2.0 released. First, I bought all the designs I would need, and then I started gathering the Balaurean ingredients in order to reach level 500. That's when the 2.1 update was announced. I was delighted that the number of ingredients I would need was to decrease.

When 2.1 arrived, I had all the ingredients I needed. After the maintenance ended that implemented 2.1, the first thing I did was refine 500 Burning Balaur Blood Stains to reach level 499 and pay the 12 million Kinah. But the hardest thing to do was still before me!

I started to craft my first Heliotrope Crystal, and I realized after making one that doing so was limited to one per day. I was really disappointed by that discovery. I got an order from a friend for an item, and that's when I got my first master carved item: a Master Carved Noble Prolix Bandana! After that, I kept on crafting, but had no luck. One day, when I didn't believe that I'd ever make another master carved item, I crafted my second Master Carved Noble Prolix Bandana. I kept that one for me!

As crafting every item one at a time was quite frustrating, I decided I would stock all the required ingredients first. To make the tunic took me the same number of days it took to make the required number of crystals. I got the tunic on my third try. I then tried the leggings, and I got them on my first attempt! I couldn't believe it. After that lucky roll, I moved on to working on the pauldrons, which I got after four attempts. The gloves came on the third attempt, and as I couldn't make myself wait any more to get the full set, I ended up buying the last piece: the shoes.

I thought it was great that Mastarius was defeated to buy the 13 fragments that I needed to carve the armor. At that time, the carved bandana didn't exist. So I am left now waiting for Mastarius to be defeated again. I also made another master tailor to double my crystals crafting so that I could halve the time needed to get those done. I didn't make them during the double XP crafting event though, d'oh!

Have you got any tips for your fellow tailors?
Be patient, save your Kinah, and don't believe in miracles!

Master Crafted

Greetings, Daevas,

Vivienne Vestanyerk here again to bring you some stunningly glorious pictures from Aion® Empyrean Calling™ (patch 2.5) following on last month's look at master crafting in Aion. I thought we'd take a look at some pretties.

This month we'll look at the new costumes purchasable from tokens from the Empyrean Crucible instance and we'll take a quick look at the new Legion Reward attire. So without further ado, let's delve in!

Empyrean Crucible Insignia Rewards:

By running the Empyrean Crucible instance, you gain Crucible Insignias that you can use as currency to purchase items from NPCs in Sanctum and Pandaemonium. The most important items that you can get—from a fashion point of view—are the new costumes. The NPCs offer nine costumes, and each costs roughly 4,700 Insignias and is remodelable. You can see the costumes in the gallery below, along with two extra items of gear that I thought were just as stunning: the Eternal Tac Officer leather set and the Archon Brigade General's leather set!

Legion Reward Attire:

I'll just quickly add that with the new additions to Legion levels, you can pick up the costumes shown above from your friendly Legion Reward vendor. From left to right, you can see the new Asmodian Cloak with the Atreian Haute Couture House emblem, the Level 4 Robe and Headdress, and the Level 5 Robes (hood included).

If you have any amazing costumes, armor pieces, or any Atreian cosplay items you'd like me to talk about, send my assistant some mail at

Ta-ta for now my lovelies,

Vivienne Vestanyerk

Legion of the Month

Server: Urtem (France)
Faction: Elyos
Brigade General: Shishido
Centurions: Baikenne, Infinity, Emganna, Xarias, Blah, Barraks, Mymie, and Yoo
Legion Created On: 21/09/2009
Legion Rank: 1
Website: OMEGA

Why did you decide to play Aion?
We decided to play Aion because we were looking for a PvP game with some interesting PvE phases, since they are needed to level up. The game looked very promising and the fortress sieges were definitely one of the main features that really got us into the game. The amazing graphics and fighting while flying were also key selling factors!

Did OMEGA exist before Aion? How was the Legion formed?
OMEGA existed before Aion in another MMO (one with open PvP without factions). To be more precise, a bit more than a dozen current Aion players were part of it.

Many players were interested in Aion thanks to its PvP features and the possible fortress strategies we envisioned, and we were getting along very well, so we decided to make the move all together and join the world of Atreia!

How would you describe OMEGA?
A huge world boss, 30 meters high, with an aggro range of 60 meters and a Stealth V skill. In a nutshell: "the nemesis of all Daevas."

What were your objectives when Aion started? How did they evolve later on?
Our objective initially was to discover the different aspects of the game, and more importantly, to have a good time. As before in the other game, our goal was to help to give life to the server, along with other Legions—to be part of this initiative, really.

We never stopped working on that.

How does OMEGA differentiate itself from other Legions?
Our goal is to play together, whatever our game time is, to have fun together, have a good time in the game, and never take things too seriously. This may be one of the reasons why we are one of the first Legions to be created when the game launched that still exists. We believe our longevity comes thanks to our playerbase, who are folks that have played together for a long time. People who know each other and have fun together just want to stick together.

What is your favorite aspect of the game and why?
We definitely prefer PvP and large-scale faction vs. faction PvP where Legions remain an active factor to decide the dominating faction.

To have hundreds of players fighting on each side is very exciting!

We also like Dedgions, even though we miss the old level 50 Dredgions where the fights were very PvP-intense and always memorable.

Are you still recruiting? If yes, what kind of profile are you looking for? Is there an OMEGA mentality?
We are not recruiting for now because we don't want to have more than 50 members in the Legion. Our Legion actually works more smoothly when we have a small roster. That said, we sometimes invite players who seem to have the appropriate profile and game mentality.

How frequently do you organize Legion raids?
We do not really organize any Legion raids. We all play together during large-scale faction vs. faction PvP.

Any specific objectives for the Legion?
As always: Play together, have fun, level up, and progress in the game together!

Which game update are you waiting for the most?
We are hoping to see the game's PvP features be improved as much as possible. First, we think that the mobs in the PvP zones should be at the very least nonaggressive—if they are not just removed—as this can be a handicap today. The two world bosses (Omega and Ragnarok) in Inggison and Gelkmaros should be removed or moved somewhere else so players can PvP more freely.

Also the Dredgions should be improved and have battlegrounds added in them. Daily quests and the Abyss Point (AP) system should also be modified. We feel that the AP gain/loss ratio as it stands right now does not encourage players to engage in PvP. Also, it would be awesome to somehow improve the population of the Abyss areas that feature open flight, as we feel that they are less visited by characters since the release of Balaurea. Finally, some classes need to be more balanced.

One last thing—please make sure that our characters stop losing 3,000 HP from jumping from a small edge.

One last thing?
Watch out for the OMEGA signal! (Here's a wink to the Asmodian who posted this screen.)

Atreian Stock Market

Hello, Daevas!

Welcome to another segment about Atreia's stock market. I wonder what the world of the Trade Broker brings us this month!

The market is seeing an influx in hot items, with both the quantity of those items and their prices increasing. Now is definitely the time to sell if you want to get in at the high point. Many new items are coming to the market by the end of next month and likely decrease the prices of older items.

Crafting resources have cooled down over the month as the crafting events of last month pushed a big rush of those resources into the market. More finely crafted gear and weapons are available. Now is the time to start collecting your crafting materials ready, as you will see more demand over the next few weeks.

Silver and Platinum Coins have remained strong with little change in amount and price, while Stigma Shard prices have been increased. The amount of Stigma Shards available at the Trade Broker has decreased month over month. This definitely points to the fact there has been a greater demand for Stigma Shards over the course of this month.

Luichinchinerk reminds you that Daevas who play the stock market take a risk. It may seem that we're in a bull market, but a Daeva could still end up with NYERK. Akakakakakak!

Artwork of Note

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but whether it's a painting or a screenshot retouched in Photoshop, members of our Aion community use their extensive talents to make beautiful things. This month, we're bringing you a selection of art from our EU forums and Facebook page.

Saphir of Balder:

Zailah of Israphel:

Allenia of Perento:

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