Eye on Community 3.12.2010

Happy Friday, Daevas!

Daylight saving time begins in the United States this Saturday. Safety officials use that biannual event as a reminder: Change your clocks, and change your smoke alarm batteries. This important reminder is meant to keep you safe. Well, we want to keep your character safe as well, so we're officially putting an MMO spin on this adage.

That's right! At NCSOFT, we want you to change you clock, change your batteries, and change the password for your Aion account. By doing so, you will make giant steps toward keeping you and your virtual personae safe For more tips on how to stay safe in Atreia, visit our PlaySmart Page.

An effort to launch a couple of fansite contests began earlier this week—contests in which you may be lucky enough to walk home with a 12-month Aion: The Official Magazine subscription! Just to tease it a bit more, we were able to get our hands on the first issue's front page. If you like it, either head on over to our official Aion magazine page and subscribe, or try your luck in one of the community contests!

was the first English language site out to launch a contest for the magazine, but there are more to come!

Question of the Week

Sugary of Castor asks:

"What would happen if the Balaur were able to rift into Elysea and Asmodea and try to take over our towns, etc.?"

Great question, Sugary! The idea of the Balaur being able to get into Elysea and Asmodae is one that keeps the higher-ups awake at night. We know they've been trying. They regularly have their Sapien agents try to establish huge Abyss Gates in regions across both halves of the world. In fact, you might have helped thwart some of these plans yourself! Fortunately for us all, the Balaur are too big and too full of powerful Aether to use the gates that Daevas use, which is why they need power generators and the odium to power them.

So far, both the Elyos and the Asmodians have managed to squash all such plots as they arise, but there's always the fear that, one day, the Balaur will find their way through. Some Daevas are reporting strange experiences that led them to a twisted, nightmare version of the Elysean region of Poeta in which the Balaur have broken through from the Abyss to enslave the peoples of Elysea. Is this a glimpse of the Elyos' future, or just a warning?

Do you want to be the one asking the Question of the Week next time? Drop us an email with your character name, server, and question at

Community Happenings

This has been happening in the community since last week:

Weekly Aion Column over at Massively
The nice folks over at Massively want to help spread news, tips, and other cool Aion things. This column will make its way to the Interwebs on a weekly basis to give you the latest information!

Video: Small PvP Tournament on Gorgos
We always love having the opportunity to showcase the many things you guys are up to, and this is a great example of just that! Follow the link to see the video spawned from Onibawan's private 2v2 tournament on Gorgos. Do you have something similar to share? Make sure to send it our way at!

Downing Tahabata + [2]
If you're not one of your server's top players it's quite unlikely that you have had the pleasure of making Tahabata's acquaintance firsthand. If you want to get a glimpse of what it looks like, and what epic loot he might be dropping, hit the link!

#Aion-fanclub @ Deviantart
Haven't you always thought it would be neat if we could all just get together and gather a bunch of Aion artwork in the same place? Well, a community initiative has attempted to do just that. Follow the link above to visit the Aion fan club over at Deviantart. Prepare to be impressed!

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Fly High, Daevas!

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The official fan site kit is now available! The fansite kit has everything you will need to start your own Aion Fansite.

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