Eye on Community 12.04.09

Angelyna on [ENG]Spatalos server asks:

"Does the Aion Vision Trailer show content of an upcoming expansion? If so, when will it be released?"

This question is one we've been asked a lot this week, and we're not yet ready to answer it in much detail. The Aion vision trailer released at G-Star gave a glimpse at what we have in store for the future of Aion. As you can tell from the trailer, the development team is hard at work on evolving the Aion experience in unique and innovative ways. Some of the features highlighted in the trailer are further along in the development process than others. Because of this, we aren't ready to share or speculate on timeframes.

Even though we're not ready to confirm specifics on features shown in the Aion vision trailer, we're very excited about what the future holds for Aion and are committed to developing the game's experience. We will provide you with further updates when they're available.

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The past week's been full of exciting events! On Monday, we returned from a week of showcasing Aion to the crowds of DreamHack. On the same day, Count Domo the Destructionator banned 26,000 confirmed botting accounts, and two new community coordinators joined our German and French teams in Brighton (Elkina and Kitten)!

The community was, of course, boiling with activity and offered several interesting creations and events worth lending a moment or two of your time to review.

Unofficial Aion Podcast Episode #13
The group behind the Unofficial Aion Podcast convinced Tamat, Aion's Community Manager to come on the show and answer a few questions. Check out Episode 13 and let them know what you think.

Aion Material Calculator
This nifty little script helps you determine just how much of each resource you need to craft an item in Aion.

Millenium's Aionstat (Redux!)
We highlighted the French Legion Millenium's statistics tool in an Eye on Community article a couple of weeks ago. The tool allows you to track Legions on a server over time to see which ones are headed for the top and which ones have passed their prime. We decided to feature it again since the tool received a notable upgrade and now allows graphs covering all European servers.

Aionsource Guides—"Adma Stronghold" and "Class: Templar"
Aionsource has a tradition of creating great Aion guides to help players navigate some of the game's more challenging vistas. Two staff members, Knite and Cynic, have between themselves produced the entire lineup of guides, and they added two new guides as recently as this week. Check them out!

Blog: My Sirona
"The call to battle was long and clear that night" marks the beginning of this blog and fan fiction hybrid. Follow the Sorceress "Sirona" in an intriguing story of adventure, war, and love. We really enjoy seeing this stuff, keep it coming! DreamHack group photo [SE]
Members of our Swedish Aion fansite, Aion Online Sverige, were terrifically helpful during DreamHack. We've linked above a group photo they grabbed at our booth that shows some of the site's members. Among the folks shown, the three skillful winners of our 3v3 PvP tournament (Imba, Klingsan, and Madnici) are all posing in this photograph.

We have much more in the pipeline and would like to encourage you all to frequent some of the many fansites of our fansite program. There you can experience all that Aion has to offer to its fullest.


The official fan site kit is now available! The fansite kit has everything you will need to start your own Aion Fansite.

The kit includes:

  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Textures
  • Buttons
  • Character Renders
  • Concept Art
  • Screenshots
  • Wallpapers