Eye on Community 11.20.09

Bom on [DE]Balder asks:

"I've been crashing less since the 1.5.1 patch. Did you guys intentionally fix the Crysystem.dll problem?"

Yes, the crash issues during fortress sieges and other intensive activities were fixed with the patch we applied to the servers on Wednesday. In case you haven't read the final patch notes, take a look at the very last paragraph where the stability improvements are listed. We received this fix shortly before our scheduled maintenance and decided to include it together with the patch. We are glad that it works well for you.

This fix was difficult to implement and test because it took many people to recreate the issue, and many complex parameters had to be taken into consideration to not just fix it for a specific configuration, but for all players. Many testers had to coordinate together every time a possible fix was created. It is much more difficult than fixing something that a single person can test alone. That said, if you're still experiencing problems, please report them in our support forum.

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We've noticed an abundant amount of activity going on within the community this week. Join us as we spend some time to explore recent community happenings.

Aion Machinima
Our friends at MMORPG-Life put together a list of Aion machinima. We're looking forward to an increase in the amount of Machinima created within the Aion community.

Avatar Contest: Design Tamat Some Awesomeness
Tamat has chosen the winner of the Aion Source avatar contest. Head on over to Aion Source to see which avatar he selected, in addition to a few of his favorites.

Aion Postcast Episode #10—Bleeding Ears
That's right—episode 10 is finally here! Head on over to give it a listen. This week the gang focuses on class-specific information, news of the week, tips and tricks, and quick-fire questions!

Interview with Tamat at Aion Tower
Community Manager Andrew "Tamat" Beegle had the opportunity to talk with the folks at IGN. You can read the result over at IGN's Aion community website "AionTower."

Clerical Aion 1.5.1 Changes Overview
Are you a Cleric wondering how the 1.5.1 update affects you? Check out the informative post over at Clerical Aion.

Abyss Gate Fan Art
Nitro-Killer uploaded some absolutely and utterly amazing Aion fan art.

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