Eye on Community 11.13.09

Grimgutt on [West]Fregion server asks:

"There has been a rumor going around that SM [Spiritmaster] pets will soon be able to fly with us so we do not lose and have to resummon them every time we fly. Is this true, and if so, how soon?"

Spiritmasters should be delighted to know that the rumor is true! Contrary to some rumors, though, this enhancement will not be part of the 1.5.1 update that will be coming to the NA and EU servers in November. Spiritmaster pets will soon be able to fly and fight along your side while in the air, a feature that will obviously be quite beneficial within the Abyss. As before, you will still only be able to summon a pet while on the ground.

The development team in Korea has implemented the flying pet enhancement, and it's working to bring the update to the NA and EU servers soon. We don't have an estimate at this time as to when this update will be implemented in the West. However, we will be releasing more information in the coming weeks.

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Today is Friday the 13th, a day that superstitious folks think is unlucky. While we do advise to keep a sharp eye out for pianos falling from skyscrapers, today we also want to spend some time to explore and promote recent community happenings.

Michael Jackson Cross Server Competition
The European Aion Legion Infinity has thrown down a single, sequined glove to announce a cross-server competition that pays respect to one of the most renowned personalities of recent decades. The Legion has set forth a global challenge to uncompromising server pride. Which server can gather the most players on the same spot and perform a synchronized Pop Idol dance emote?

OOC—A Gaming Webcomic
OOC is an incredibly well-drawn Aion comic. We're simply amazed by the level of detail put into each strip. Don't miss this!

Avatar Contest: Design Tamat Some Awesomeness
Tamat's been with the Aion team for a good couple of weeks now, and all this time we've thought: "Hey, your style is groovy and all, but something's missing." We finally realized that he needs a snazzy avatar to go with the mojo. Help him design one, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to walk away with a prize!

"Nokinerk," a Shugo Fan Art Piece by Nadou
Nadou is one of our favorite French artists, no doubt. Her skillful and spot-on compositions continue to brighten our days. This lovely Shugo is no exception.

"Belated Halloween Sketchy" by wingedbunny
It's difficult to say whether this one spells out Christmas or Halloween, but it's warm and cozy. And we like it.

Singularity Legion Website
The Singularity Legion's website is a masterfully crafted item made by Aion community old-timer Fleiva. While the site is recent, it's not newly made during the past week or even the past month. It is, however, good enough to warrant an extra look. If you've got a nicely designed Legion site yourself, make sure to shoot it our way.

(HU)—Aion Paradox, A Hungarian Blog
This Hungarian Aion blog was sent to us nearly anonymously. We like the devotion shown, however, and thought it deserved some attention. The author gives good coverage of what's happening out there, combining both community as well as official news tidbits.

(FR) Millenium's Aionstat Tool
The well-known French Legion Millenium recently released a web tool that can be used to track Legion performance over time. It will probably be most interesting to French players since only French language servers are being monitored. Best French Legion right now? Origine.

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