Eye on Community 11/12/2010

Greetings Daevas,

The Harvest Revel and When Worlds Collide Machinima events came to a close this week. We hope you had a great time with your gifts from the Pumpkin King! Munin looked very busy this past weekend with a field of kisks planted out in front of his cell.

We have received many wonderful machinimas created and produced by your fellow players. The competition is tough, and our team is going through the entries to select the winners. Thanks for all of your wonderful submissions, and we look forward to announcing and congratulating the winners soon.

We also have placed the Aion 2.1 patch on our public test server, highlighting the new increased drop rates. The 2.1 patch is scheduled to go live on our North American and European servers on November 17, 2010. You can find details about this update in the patch notes.

Don't forget that the North American servers can participate starting tonight (Friday, November 12 at 9:00 p.m.) in the Aion®: Assault on Balaurea Abyss Point Weekend, the second in a series of events with Alienware Arena. Make sure to register your character ahead of time!

Topic of the Week

Many of you have been following our introduction of Victor Shugo and his experimental lab. The experimental lab is a new feature we are introducing to you, our inquisitive Daevas. We often hear you raise questions about how a particular game mechanic functions or whether a certain build or method improves an aspect of gameplay. The experimental lab takes some of the larger meta-questions you have about Aion and puts them to the test.

If you have a question or a hypothesis for the experimental lab, send Victor your ideas with an email to Victor Shugo will regularly select from your proposed research ideas, run the experiments, and report his findings to you.

Victor's first experiment has already been unveiled. He took on the challenge of not only testing loot drops in Aion 2.1, but also running comparable tests on 2.0. You can see the differences between Aion 2.0 and 2.1 loot drops for the areas he tested.

Do you want the Aion team to answer your question or discuss a topic of your choice? Send an email to with your character name, server, and question!

In Other News

Let's have a look at what's been going on in the Aion community.

While our team is focusing on selecting the winners of our machinima contest, we are highlighting some of the wonderful new compositions in forums!

To The Gates of Aion!
It is difficult to write a story, but to take on a novel is even a greater task. If you are looking for an Aion inspired novel, Lyres of Siel has created a marvelous first draft and posted it on our forums.

The Lioness of Elysea
Inspired by other tales, Zefiris of Siel has taken on the challenge of writing a story about their character. Great Job, Zefiris!

Scattered Lands
Shyroun of Perento has written a wonderful piece depicting a jailed assassin. Enjoy, won't you?

Knowledge Is Power

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