Eye on Community 11/06/2010

Greetings Daevas,

Trick or treat! We hope you all had a good weekend celebrating the scariest time of the year.

It has been a spooky but busy week for us. We celebrated Paris Games Week, as well as Aion's Harvest Revel event. For those of you who haven't had the chance to meet the pumpkinheads Minis (Sanctum) or Tali (Pandaemonium) yet, just feel free to meet them now, as the event continues for another week.

Don't forget the NA servers have the Assault on Balaurea PvP Weekend with Alienware Arena starting tonight, Friday November 5th at 9:00pm. Make sure to register your character ahead of time!

Question of the Week

Ascension of Israphel asks:

"Just wondering if you heard any changes coming up on the rifting situation? Myself, and I think a "few" more players, would really like to know ."

Great question Ascension! Our own Producer, Chris 'Kinslon' Hager has written a reply!

We have been making some good progress with Rifting. As everyone knows, we put out a survey that had some detailed questions with regards to the defensive buff in certain zones, the rifting curse, and some general rifting usage questions. After that was live for a week, we pulled all of the data down and began analyzing it (and it was a LOT of data). I'm happy to report that we're done with the analysis phase and have a solid direction for how we would like to change rifting.

We'll be communicating to the development team in the very near future on what our proposed changes are, and at that point it's a matter of what is possible to change, what can be easily changed, and what can be changed that fits into their development cycle (they are working on some cool stuff so other changes have to be prioritized).

I don't want to get into the details of the proposed rifting changes yet until I hear back from the development team on what can be changed and when we can expect it. Once I know those two pieces of information I will make sure to relay that to everyone.

I hope this helps everyone understand where we are with the rifting process, and also give a little insight as to how the game change process happens.


Chris 'Kinslon' Hager
NCW Aion Producer

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In Other News

Let's have a look at what's been going on in the Aion community.

The Art of Sorcery
Exo of Vaizel demonstrates how wicked the use of Ice Sheet IV and cliffs can really be in this awesome PvP video.

From Fledgling to Daeva
Caedhwynn of Nezekan has ventured out with a remarkable tale of their character. Enjoy, won't you?

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