Eye on Community 10/01/2010

Greetings Daevas,

We hope you are still enjoying your cake, party hats, and summer heat prizes! Good times. The Daeva's Day event still has a few days until the cake is all gone, wrapping up on October 6. And Summer's Scorching Heat is still keeping the temperatures high until October 13!

This week we announced the new siege time schedule, which was introduced in Assault in Balaurea. Siege times for fortresses are no longer random, they follow a specific static schedule. We're currently working with the dev team to improve upon this schedule. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, you can find more information here! This should help you plan your strategy and take the fight to the enemy!

Question of the Week

Lefius of Zikel asks:

"I have a 55 Elyos on Zikel. I got the new In-Game Guide Survey and I'm very happy and thankful, but I have another toon on the Asmodian side in Vaizel. When that toon on Vaizel, reaches lvl 55 can I get the 55 survey again?"

Great question, Lefius! This week we started our new In-Game Guide Initiative. This program provides quick, level-specific details about game content and features. The guides are in an easy-to-use survey format. Each survey also has a level specific gift to make your leveling up even more fun.

Surveys are sent out as you cross a level threshold, once per account, per server. Once you claim the survey and the item inside, that survey for that level threshold has been used up for that particular race and server on your account.

Since it is by server for each account, in your example you could claim the level 55 on your Elyos in Zikel. You could also claim, except for that level 55 survey you have already claimed, all the surveys for the lower levels on another Elyos character on Zikel.

Do you want the Aion team to answer your question or discuss a topic of your choice? Send an email to with your character name, server, and question!

In Other News

Let's have a look at what's been going on in the Aion community.

Assault on Balaurea PvP
Rheeza of Vaizel has a great new video out displaying the fast-paced action of PvP in the new content introduced in Assault on Balaurea.

Attack of the Assassin
Slic of Vaizel makes a point to show that assassins can be at the top of their game in Gelkmaros and Inggison.

Hot Introductions
Blowfish of Vaizel has shown us time and again his master skills at video editing and production. Looking for a hot intro to your next video masterpiece? Check out his work!

Rosch's Guide to Love Episode 3
Rosch of Zikel continues his characters quest for finding love in Atreia. Enjoy, won't you?

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