Eye on Community 09.10.23

Slynthia, Chanter on [Oceanic]Nezekan, asks:

"With more people getting closer to 50, and more people daily being involved in PvP, the claims of client instability in mass PvP seem to be rising. What plans are there to tackle this, in particular in regards to the higher end raids, where the numbers are likely to be quite high once people start hitting the level cap?"

Most claims of client instability stem from more or less the same issue, the dreaded "Crysystem.dll error". Over the last week we worked closely with our community and our fansites in order to help us get closer to a solution. We asked the administration of each site to help us gather helpful information, such as the IP address and time of report for those in their communities who had contacted our tech support team about this issue. Thanks to your feedback and the assistance of our great network of fansites, were able to submit a long list of data to our QA team.

The error is a confirmed bug and we have been working with the development team in Seoul to pinpoint the cause. A fix is in the works but the underlying cause is very complex. The bug requires a lot of work and testing before a permanent band-aid can be applied on top of it. The development team is investigating the matter and are testing a number of short and long term solutions, including better display options to the Aion client as well as system and memory optimizations.

We will make sure to keep you updated and will let you know as our potential solutions are tested through and ready to be implemented.

"I wish there was a way for me to let NCSOFT know of my Aion ideas," said the player.

"The Eye on Community never blinks", replied the old, wise and undeniably irrefutable man.

Our community team received a much anticipated addition this week: Andrew "Tamat" Beegle. Andrew will be looking after the North American part of the community and he brings a very welcome pair of eyes. Each day we spend a lot of time reading fansite forums, Twitter, Facebook posts, e-mails and IRC chats just to be sure that we are able to represent your opinions and feedback accurately to the rest of the company. Our lines of communication go both ways. Just as much as we are here to keep you informed of our progress, we depend upon your feedback to make progress.

Halloween is getting closer and, with that, sites are beginning to redecorate in celebration. We will give you a tour of what they are up to next week, but for now please read on for a glimpse of their wonders.

This is Triniel.
"The Empyreans", an Elyos Legion on [East]Triniel decided to lay down the law and represent. Who knew there were rappers in Atreia? Make sure to hit the link if you want to tune in.

Triniel Player Community Team and Events
Triniel this and Triniel that — think what you will, but they have so many cool things going on that they must be doing something right. We're now waiting for someone to step up to the challenge on other servers!

First Level 50 Characters
If you frequent our website you are likely to have already read our interview with the two members of the 'For the Harmony' Legion who were first to reach level 50 here in the West. Today, two weeks later, more than 250 players have gotten there as well.

Legion Spotlight — Dying for Honor
Don't miss our returning series of Legion highlights. First out is a German Legion: "Dying for Honor".

Giant Fox monster
We just felt that this post needed some additional attention.

Let us know if you have something exciting to share or highlight. Do you know of any upcoming Aion events, competitions, or gatherings? Drop us an e-mail with the subject line "Eye on Community"! We can't promise everything will be highlighted, but all submission with be considered, and many described here. Don't be shy!

Adios amigos—and see you all again next week!


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