Eye on Community 06.18.2010

Greetings Daevas,

We hope you enjoyed this past weekend's double experience weekend. This week we announced the updated Major Ancient Crowns and one month of free game time), but your friend will also gain an item pack to help your friend get started. The friend pack comes loaded with 25 Lodas Amulets, 100 Lesser Running Scrolls, 100 Lesser Courage Scrolls, and 100 .

Question of the Week

Arielin from Meslamtaeda asked:

"I would like an explanation of how to reach Draupnir Cave easily as an Elyos. Do I have to do the Meeting a Mau Spy quest, and where is the Corridor for the cave located?"

Great question, Arielin, and thanks to our many players who have helped guide their fellow Daevas on the Draupnir journey!

To enter from Elysea, you must first complete the quest line for Meeting a Mau Spy. If you have not collected the two key quest pieces and turned them in, then you will be denied access into the corridor.

The Dimensional Corridor has an appearance similar to a rift. It is located near the entrance to Indratu.

Many Elyos players find that they prefer to rift to Asmodae and enter the instance from the entrance in Beluslan. Bringing a kisk allows players to respawn and re-enter the instance if things get tough.

In Other News

Let's have a look at what's been going on in the Aion community.

Family Photo
Chocolate Thunder wished she could see all of her characters in game at once. What she created was a fantastic custom family photo!

Divine Fortress Falls!
Congratulations to the Elyos of Telemachus for capturing the Divine Fortress on June 12, 2010. Check out Part 1 of a three-part video collection documenting the momentous battle.

This is War
Another great Aion Machinima has surfaced from Lillers of Spatalos. Enjoy, won't you?

High Energy Assassin
Anike takes to the Abyss to try out the new skill changes and leaves destruction in her wake.

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