Eye on Community 06.11.2010

Greetings Daevas,

Clear out your backpack, load up on potions, and get ready for more double experience action! That's right—another double experience weekend is on the horizon! This is a superb chance for returning players to dive back in and for new players to level up that first character. This weekend is also a great time to check out the new additions from 1.9 or take advantage of the faster increase in gathering and crafting skills. Enjoy!

Question of the Week

Shadria of Vaizel asked:

"I have no daily quests button on my screen. How does one start this?"

Great question, Shadria! Our PowerWiki team has put together a wonderful Guide to Daily Quests. Each race has two organizations offering daily quests, but you can only be a member of one organization at a time. PvE daily quests are offered at level 30, and PvP daily quests are offered at level 40.

The PvE daily quests for Elyos are offered by the Alabaster Order. Talk to Typhon in Heiron.

The PvE daily quests for Asmodians are offered by the Field Wardens. Talk to Deryk in Beluslan.

The PvP daily quests for Elyos are offered by the Radiant Ops. Talk to Pompo in Teminon.

The PvP daily quests for Asmodians are offered by the Blood Crusade. Talk to Viscum in Primum.

Now that you know how daily quests work, give them a try, and let us know what you think!

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In Other News

Let's have a look at what's been going on in the Aion community.

Yustiel Elyos PvP Tournament
Team Korea is hosting a PvP tournament for teams of Elyos on June 12, 2010.

A Daeva's Journal
Nezekan's own Lilkka has created a wonderful journey, detailing the in-character progression of her Asmodian. Enjoy!

Big Bad Dark
Follow Darkai in this artistic Aion machinima as he battles the forces of Elysea on Kalil.

Canadian Rainwater
Jaris from Gorgos has been busy yet again! See that latest from one of our favorite Aion comic series.

Farewell to Primum
Mechwarrior and Co share a fond farewell to Primum Landing raids, in this short PvP video of their final attack on Primum Landing.

Ever wanted to make your screenshots pop off the page? Lumiel's own Tairan has a fantastic collection of enhanced screenshots that will make your jaw drop!

The Ranger's Quill
Lumiel's Noctum is both quick with the arrow and the verse. He has shared selections of his character-based poetry and song.

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