Eye on Community 05.07.2010

Greetings Daevas!

Grab a seat, buckle up, and get ready for more double experience action! That's right, another double experience weekend is on the horizon! Take this chance to dive into the game for faster progress, or let go and lose yourself for a weekend to the spirit of Aion. We'd love to see you send us fan art, fan fiction, and other cool samples of the fruits of your labors during the weekend to share with the rest of the community.

We hope you enjoyed giving the PTS a spin this week. In case you haven't tried it, head on over to our Public Test Server forum section to find out how to get started. The server launched running the same game version as the normal servers, but it will feature the 1.9 content soon.

While some anticipated game features take longer than others to implement, Aion continues to develop at a steady pace. A new wave of information arrived recently and helped illustrate the game's future a bit better. On Monday, we released the (nearly epic in scope) initial Korean 2.0 patch notes in English, and they've garnered quite a bit of interest since. Make sure to give them a read before diving into the Topic of the Week.

Topic of the Week

What features revealed in the 2.0 patch notes are the most exciting?

Aion 2.0 has been a hot topic this past week following our recent publication of the translated patch notes and a stream of content pouring out from Korea. While we don't have a date to give you yet for when 2.0 will make its way to the west, we'd like to know what you like about what you've heard so far!

You can discuss our Topic of the Week in the forums.

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In Other News

Let's have a look at what's been going on out in the community:

First European Capture of Divine Fortress
A large coalition of alliances on the French server Suthran managed to annihilate the defenses of the prestigious Divine Fortress and capture it about two weeks ago. Read more about what happened in the thread linked above.

Facebook Fan Art Recap!
Facebook's become a popular place for post Aion fan art made by members of the community. A couple or recent tidbits include an interpretation of Tutty (including Baby Tutty) and a Daeva who's turned her back on the artist. It's deep. Check it out.

Something for the Ladies by nathie
This piece of artwork isn't new by any stretch of the word, but we were reviewing some of the older items submitted to us, and it caught our eyes. It's definitely a well-made piece of art. Enjoy!

What Aion Wallpaper Do You Use?

We're sure that a lot of you have either made or found a gorgeous Aion wallpaper to decorate your desktop. Why don't you share the one you use?

Knowledge Is Power

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