Eye on Community 04.09.2010

Greetings Daevas,

You've probably noticed that we've had a busy week with the launch of our new forums and the release of the first article in the "Ask Kinslon" 1.9 interview series. If you haven't already had the chance, check out our new forums, and tell us what you think. Now it's time for our weekly question from the community!

Question of the Week

Deshy from Telemachus asks:

"Why was the option to post comments on our character profile/Aion live status removed, and will it come back in some way?"

We've temporarily disabled our comment system to protect our users from a new initiative from RMT organizations. These companies have begun spamming our players' comments with advertisements and phishing links. Unfortunately, we currently have no effective way to combat this annoying behavior. Rather than let it get out of control, we turned off the comment feature before the spamming and phishing in character comments became a larger issue.

We're hard at work implementing better tools to enhance this feature of our website. We plan to bring comments back online as soon as those tools have been completed. Although we understand that you enjoyed leaving your friends comments, we take your safety seriously, and our actions are a testament to that.

Do you want to be the one asking the Question of the Week next time? Drop us an email with your character name, server, and question at

In Other News

A double experience weekend begins this evening and runs until Monday. Already level 50? This is the perfect opportunity to start an alt or continue leveling an existing one. Have a friend that you've been trying to get into Aion? Here's your chance to Blowfish and Friends Strike Fear into the Hearts of the Elyos on Fregion
It's time to show off some PvP action from the North American servers for a change. Let's kick this off with a video from the crew over at Kryptakronakonalyte, including Donalddrumsfeld, Moneymaker, Suzumebachi, Yohko, Alundria, Riru, and of course Blowfish.

Crafting Terms Feedback Thread
One of Aion's creative writers, Conor "Claypool" Sheehy, is reaching out to the community for feedback about a potential crafting wording revamp. Do you think "Expert Strong Durable Leather Gloves" is a mouthful? Let us know what you'd like to see in our forums!

Mortred from Lumiel Submitted a PvP Video of His Antics in the Abyss
This video just goes to show that some high-ranked players are keen on destructive behavior. It also proves that not all high-ranked players are afraid to come out and play because of the risk of losing Abyss Points. According to Mortred, this video "portrays the life of an Army Governor in the abyss. It shows how much everyone guns for you and wants you dead!"

"Team L3g3nd" (Gorgos) - PvP Movie
"Team L3g3nd" is part of Immortalis Noctis, and the team has been up to no good for quite some time. This 23-minute PvP movie has plenty of footage of Mushu, Spijker, and Amaris killing their way around Heiron. Rumors abound that they are currently working on a second movie, so if you're on Gorgos and you're an Elyos, beware!

Beloved Journeys Fan Fiction from Dracia of Ariel
Dracia of Ariel describes this piece as the "enthralling story of two lovers separated by a rift." As well as reading the above fan fiction, you can watch a machinima video that depicts the story. A downloadable Word file of the story is also available.

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