Eye on Community 04.02.2010

Question of the Week

NeeHi of [ENG] Perento asks:

"Coming from a long D&D background, I'd like to know if there is an officially recognized unofficial RP server? Or whether there are any plans to do so?"

Good question, NeeHi. Before launching Aion a broad array of polls were held across the many Aion communities that had formed around the game. These polls served the purpose of indicating where certain player groups had decided to play after launch. A list was eventually devised that summarized the choices of roleplaying and individual language communities.

We feel that the game experience is definitely more fun when you know that you are playing with others in your vicinity or with a similar play style and interests. While we do not provide any official support, enforce any specific rule sets, or guarantee that the populations on these servers have remained reflective of the initial community polls, we hope that the list below (that crafted from those polls) will be useful to you in choosing a server to play on.

  • Europe (Roleplayers)—[ENG] Gorgos
  • France (Roleplayers)—[FRA] Vidar
  • Germany (Roleplayers)—[GER] Balder
  • North America (Roleplayers)—[East] Lumiel
  • Czech + Slovak—[ENG] Telemachus
  • Danish—[ENG] Perento
  • Dutch—[ENG] Gorgos
  • Finnish—[ENG] Perento
  • Greek—[ENG] Telemachus
  • Hungarian—[ENG] Spatalos
  • Italian—[ENG] Telemachus
  • Lithuanian—[ENG] Spatalos
  • Norwegian—[ENG] Perento
  • Polish—[ENG] Gorgos
  • Portuguese—[ENG] Gorgos
  • Spanish—[ENG] Castor/[ENG] Gorgos
  • Swedish—[ENG] Perento
  • Turkish—[ENG] Spatalos

If your main character is currently not located on the RP server you would like to play on, we would like to remind you that we are working hard on a server transfer service which is just around the corner.

In Other News

Easter is coming up, and we'll all soon be digging into some of most calorically indulgent delicacies in the world. Before we get to that point, however, there's time to divulge in some no-strings-attached PvE this coming weekend when Soul Healers across Atreia offer substantially discounted prices on their services.

Don't forget to save your posts and threads for the impending forum upgrade! That's right—we're upgrading the official Aion forums to vBulletin as early as next week and won't be keeping any of the old threads or posts around for sentimental value.

Let's take a look at what's happened out in the Aion community lately:

Fan Art from Ishkhaara of Lumiel - Picture 1 + Picture 2
A couple of pieces of fan art that turned up on the Aion community Facebook page. Head on over and check out some of the other pieces of fan art.

PvP Videos from Deneveh of TelemachusPart 1 + Part 2 + Part 3
Some say he's arguably the best Sorcerer on Telemachus. Well, here are a few of his latest videos for you to decide for yourself. By watching these vids, you may also gain some insight into aerial PvP at its finest. You can check out other videos from Deneveh over at his YouTube page, MoreBlood.

Xiann of Gorgos Intro to PvP Video and a Couple of Reworks of Aion Wallpapers
We came across these beautifully rerendered Asmodian Ranger pictures taken from one of our original release wallpapers. On further investigation, we came across Xiann's YouTube page, where we found the intro video for an upcoming PvP movie. Enjoy!

A New Aion-Related Encyclopedia
This quite new Aion-related resource—for players new and old—is currently looking for Asmodian players to help fill up the expanding information available already in place. If you think you have what it takes, drop them a message.

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