Eye on Community 03.19.2010

Happy Friday Daevas!

Welcome back to our weekly gaze at the community! The community is alive and kickin' as ever out there, and in the middle of it all, The Escapist decided to launch something it calls the "2010 March Mayhem." It's a head-to-head brawl between gaming companies where we're all thrown into a giant lion pit to fend for ourselves with nothing but a pot lid and butter knife. Head on over and show us your support!

Question of the Week

Malackii of Marchutan asks:

"My question is why can't Guards fly? Aren't they Daevas too?"

Just like other Daevas, the Archons and Guardians defending the fortresses and villages of Asmodae and Elysea have limitations on where and for how long they can take to the air. You can see some flying around Verteron Citadel and Altgard Fortress.

As for why groundbound guards in flyable areas don't take to the air when attacked from above, well, you'd have to ask their commanders. But if forced to guess, I'd say it has to do with maintaining their posts and not leaving the ground vulnerable. Many novice Daevas have made that mistake in the past, leaping into airborne action only to find that a second force has come from behind and taken the thing they were sworn to protect. You'll note the ground troops' aerial comrades are quick to act when called.

Could the orders of these ground-based guards change? Absolutely! New orders from the commanders could come at any moment, so keep an eye out!

Here's what has been going down the past week:

Fan-made Aion Music Video
A neat little music video edited by xillian.

Updated:Canadian-rainwater's OOC—A Gaming Web Comic + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5
Five new entries have been posted since last time we featured this web comic. We think it's a super cool strip, which is why we'll keep pointing you to it every now and then!

Green Dance Aion—St. Patrick's Day + 2 + 3
We hope you didn't miss Fergus McGreedy stopping by and sharing some of his wealth with some of you! It was terrific to see everyone put on their green dye and gather in the taverns of Sanctum and Pandaemonium for the occasion! Rest assured, though, that we learned lessons following your feedback that we'll keep in mind for future events. Madness!

Gorgos Asmodian PvP Tournament
The very dedicated Earnamarie (whoop!) has rounded up people and managed to organize a PvP event in Pandaemonium's arena on Gorgos this coming Sunday. Sign up in the linked thread!

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