Eye on Community 03.05.2010

Cyprius on server [FR]Deltras asks:

"Seeing chatter about two patches, 1.9 and 2.0, at the same time confuses me. What's the difference between the two, and will there be a difference between their release here and in Korea?"

Aion in Korea is always a bit ahead of Aion here in the West in terms of game version. Sometimes we get updates more quickly, and other times, they take us longer to roll out because we have to do more work behind the scenes to implement them. If an update contains a large amount of content that requires localization into English, French, and German, it takes longer to implement the update.

We are fairly on-par in game version with other territories right now since all regions are currently running version 1.5 of Aion. Aion was recently updated to 1.9 on the Korean Public Test Server, but aside from that, there hasn't been an announced date for when 1.9 will go live across all servers in Korea. Likewise, we haven't announced when we will be implementing 1.9 on our North American and European servers, but we are currently working on the localization of 1.9. We are very excited and want to get update 1.9 in the hands of players as soon as it is ready. Version 2.0 refers to a future update that Korea has announced in name only. There are no solid dates for any territories for version 2.0 at this time.

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Greetings Daevas,

Returning readers of our Eye on Community series will remember that we called last week both exciting and eventful. Well, last week has nothing on this week.

The world was invited to discover more about this year's upcoming content following a secretive meeting in our NCSOFT West offices and a grand press conference, called Tea Time, in our Korean offices. The meeting and press conference revealed the Korean Aion 1.9 patch notes, generating a lot of buzz. Patch 1.9 is rapidly approaching implementation in the first half of the year.

Cranberry Publishing, a UK partner of NCSOFT, unveiled Aion:The Official Magazine last Friday. Initially, the magazine's content will spotlight ways to get beginners into the game more easily, but in the future, it will shift its editorial focus on community-relevant events and happenings. Our ambition is to create a cool, recurring, substantial tome of curiosities that is both relevant and interesting. If you're still unsure if you want to sign up for the magazine, we managed to procure a couple of sample pages. We hope you like them!

This has been happening in the community since last week:

Fire Temple Guide @ MMORPG-Life
Our friends from MMORPG-Life published a fantastic guide that takes would be adventurers though FireTemple, an instance available to all Daevas above level 30. Head on over and give the guide a read!

Apple's Aion Art Thread
Appo is a very talented artist. She decided to share some of her Aion-inspired art with the rest of us in this thread on AionSource, including a comic, a stinky templar, and, uhm, a picture captioned with a British accent.

[PL] Blog IX Kohorty

This Polish-language blog has covered Aion diligently over the past couple of months. Along with news coverage, the blog also contains useful guides that sometimes are translated into English!

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