Eye on Community 02.19.2010

Jefnyerk the Sad on [East] Zikel asks:

"Nyerk! Has anyone seen Dianyerk? Jefnyerk is sad Shugo! Nyerk nyerk."

Dear Jefnyerk,

Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate your love, Dianyerk, but we're counting on the Aion community to help you out. I'd recommend that you head to the capital cities and ask the Daeva residents for assistance.

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Greetings Daevas,

We hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! Our designer heart headbands were the height of fashion, and people were nicer to each other than ever during the holiday—if that's even possible. The Community Team is currently digging through numerous submissions to the Valentine's Day Contest (the one where we asked you to grab a screenshot in the game that suited the sentimental occasion).

While it's nothing we've gone above and beyond to proclaim, our servers kicked off a mini-event recently. On Thursday night, the poor Shugo Jefnyerk began his journey to find Dianyerk, his lost valentine. The quest for Dianyerk will run on a couple of servers at a time concurrently until this coming Monday. Keep your eyes and ears sharp for the event if you want to take a break from adventuring! Jefnyerk would sure appreciate the help—he's lost Dianyerk a total of 87 times within the time span of 24 hours. The two of them will certainly have a couple of issues to resolve once all is said and done.

Let's take a look at what's happened in the community this week!

AionIRC on Quakenet
Are you an active IRC user looking for an Aion IRC community? Come idle (read: hang) with the Aion Community team. We don't bite!

Elyos PvP Tournament on Kalil
Get your pen and ink, get in line, and register! The two Legion powerhouses Vengeance and Anarchy are planning a PvP tournament on Kalil. They've accumulated a whole array of sweet prizes that will go out to the winners. Want in? Of course you do. It starts on 2/21 @ 10:00am PST.

Name Your Own Shugo
If you had a Shugo, what would you name it? Chime in at the official forums!

Elyos of Gorgos
Take a bit of Star Wars, take a bit of generic movie trailer goodness, and remake it all in Photoshop. This, friends, is the story of Elyos—well, at least some of them.

An Aion scarf that was sent to us
There's nothing nicer than when people get creative with Aion on apparel. Check out the above link to see an awesome scarf worn by a member of our staff!

List of PvP Videos
Sub0r thought it would be a nice idea to collect a bunch of Aion PvP videos in the same place. The thread has now grown to contain more than 10 videos. Help out by adding your favorites to the thread, as well!

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