Eye on Community 02.12.2010

Aah, love is in the air!

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching our earthly realms while the Festival of Truth reigns in Atreia. Heart hats decorate Aion's larger cities like occasional tulips embellishing a vast green field. Log into the game and claim yours if you haven't already, but keep in mind that you will only be able to get one per server.

On another note, surely you didn't miss our impending Double XP weekend?

What exciting things have been happening out there in the community this week?

A Guide to Titles in Aion, Part I + Part II
From Beckett Massive Online Gamer comes this two-part guide to Aion titles: "Ever wonder why everyone in Aion seems to be sporting a title over their head? Unlike most games, the titles in Aion actually serve a purpose. Each one gives your character bonuses to stats depending on the title you activate."

Landscape Photos
The quality of screenshots range from terrible to awesome and from portraits to modern art, in the same manner real life paintings do. We thought that the poster of this thread, Cronus, has an eye for screen grabbing, a talent for getting them right. We would even go as far as to place them in the awesome category. Atreia's a beautiful world and some of you out there are able to transfer this beauty to still images with great aptitude.

Canadian-rainwater's OOC — A Gaming Webcomic
Few possess the ability to turn our heads not only once, but twice. This is the second time we feature OOC, simply because we thinking Canadian-rainwater is a marvelous artist. Based out of Singapore she's devoted many hours to this Aion-centric series. If you haven't before, we definitely think you should head over there. Prepare to be impressed.

[FR] The Weapons of Aion
Belgarion, a metalworker by trade, doesn't exclusively heed to his profession's call during work hours, but also in his spare time. To our delight, he has recently focused some of his efforts onto the world of Aion, or rather, to bring them into our world! The article is written in French, but his pictures will hopefully surpass all linguistic borders. Enjoy!

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