Eye on Community 02.05.2010

Cerafina on server [ENG]Perento asks:

"It's been several weeks now since the fort timer survey. When are we going to see a change?"

We've taken the data collected from the in-game survey and compared it to our internal server statistics. Based on these factors, our decision is to "keep the enemy on their heels." Next week we will be changing the capture timer to one hour, which is twice the amount of time it is currently set to.

Our goal in the original change was to increase the difficulty of these battles and reduce the amount of time players needed to dedicate for the event. We believe that the new timer achieves a good balance, but that doesn't rule out future reevaluations. We will be closely monitoring activity in the Abyss after the timer change is implemented to make sure that the battle rages on without any new negative side effects!

Happy February, everyone!

We hope you've all had a good first month of the year and are keeping your eyes on our Veteran Rewards program in anticipation—doubly so since getting the Black Cloud Wing Feather is becoming tantalizingly close? First-day Aion adopters should see these spectacular wing items headed their way in just about two months!

Live Status Utility
Read through the thread before deciding whether or not this is something for you. Hoschi of Aionsource has created a neat little application that gives you quick information at a glance about a server's online status and characters. We do not take any responsibility for the use of this application and will not provide any support. We just thought it looked cool and wanted to highlight it. To be safe, make sure to use an antivirus scanner before using it.

Aion Bosses Guide: Kratia & Harpback
This guide from the Aion mmorpg-life blog gives you some useful intelligence before you take on two named monsters, Kratia and Harpback. Keep these guides coming!

One Month of Aion
This AionTower article introduces itself better than we could: "From around the Vault/Portal/Planet Network, DunesVladHarkonnen managed to get addicted to Aion, and neglect all of his other duties. Read all about his first month exploits here. You can attribute the stream of consciousness writing and any errors to the fact he's Canadian."

Gliding of Doom
You thought you had just spread your wings and set off on a safe gliding journey? Think again. zeeZ decided that it's more fun to combine the pleasure of gliding with . . . well . . . the pleasure of taking down his enemies.

Knowledge Is Power

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