Eye on Community 01.29.2010

Redcoolhand on server [FR] Deltras asks:

"When are you going to ban bots and gold sellers again? Have you got a recent update for us? Thanks."

We have been quiet regarding this topic lately, but that doesn't mean that we have reduced our efforts—to the contrary!

As explained in our recent GSU's Message on Account Security, our fight against bots and gold sellers is not going to end tomorrow. We constantly ban accounts for bot use and gold selling/RMT. This month we enacted several massive bans totaling over 23,000 accounts in response to those issues.

We police the game for bots and gold sellers at differing times, avoiding recurring patterns so that our enemies cannot adapt to our efforts and avoid them. We do not want them to know in advance when we will be using the "ban hammer."

Our efforts will continue, and we will update you from time to time on our progress. We will derive great satisfaction when we see discussions about bots and gold sellers decreasing on our forums and fansites.

As we've mentioned in the message on account security: "Don't use bots. Ever. . . . Don't buy in-game money." If you follow that advice and urge your friends to do so, you will be helping to make Aion a great game experience.

Have fun, and play fair!

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Happy Friday, Daevas!

One of our largest and longest running fansites was the unfortunate target of a hacking attack earlier this week, resulting in the tragic theft of its e-mail database. While access to a list of e-mail addresses by itself will not allow anyone to compromise a game account, this list may be used for phishing, especially e-mail phishing. We have already seen an increase in phishing activity over the past week that may be a result of this theft.

Please watch your e-mail closely this week and be careful when clicking unknown links. Check out our Play Smart page and the recent posting by our Game Surveillance Unit for more advice on how you can protect your account.

Aion Podcast Episode #16—Legion's First Rule
Our friends at the Unofficial Aion Podcast have released their 16th episode. This week they interviewed members of the WARBONE legion on Siel. Give the podcast a listen, and tell them what you think!

Aion Tower—How to Gladiate
"Gladiate" may not be a word, but maybe it should be! Aion Tower has put together a detailed guide to living life in Atreia as a Gladiator. The guide covers topics from skills to combat to helpful PvP tricks and tips.

Aion Facebook Fan Art
We've been collecting fan art and are delighted with all the talented submissions we've received to date. Make sure to check out the collection yourself, and send us your original fan art so that we can post it!

Community Manager Day—Aion MMORPG-Life
Our friends at MMORPG-Life sent a much-needed hug our way. We love you too, Mikro!

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