Eye on Community 01.22.2010

Caladon on server [West]Kaisinel asks:

"You mentioned in the latest community address that you're having more events in the game in the future. Are they going to be like the Solorius Festival?"

We think in-game events are a great way to liven up your day in the game, to tie the community closer together, and to further Aion's lore. They are a necessity for keeping the game experience fresh. That we are planning for more in-game events was briefly touched on in our January Community Address, but we can say a few additional things here. Our planning is still at an early stage, but we have established a rough timeline for what we want to do over the coming year.

Something we have been kicking around to try for a rainy day is that we might have more spontaneous events that are not announced a long time beforehand. We find thrills not only in spontaneously jumping onto servers and spawning Guardian Deities, but also in meticulously planning a chain of events to set off without any news announcement paving the way.

Remember we are always open to ideas. If there's an event you've been dying to see in the game, let us know. Who knows—maybe it will turn out to be the masterful insight we've been looking for!

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Happy Friday, Daevas!

Another week is ending, and we hope that this particular end comes sweeter than others. The first double experience weekend of 2010 starts tonight in North America and has already been running for a couple of hours in Europe. Grip that coffee mug firmly, Daeva. It will be needed!

Here are few cool things we picked up on over the past week that we'd like to share, including an tender art piece by nitro-killer that is worth not one, but two rounds of applause!

A Few Pieces of Commissioned Aion Art
What can you do to breathe even more life into your Aion character? You could put your vacuum cleaner on reverse and aim it at the screen, you could treat it as an imaginary friend—potentially scaring the living daylights out of your family—or you could take a more sane, but still creative, approach. Hailfall commissioned a couple of artists to give her Aion character a life outside of the game. Mission accomplished? You be the judge!

My Aion Character by ~MistressNoire
Aion is developed to support gameplay in three dimensions. MistressNoire has interpreted her character artistically in 3D rendering. MistressNoire had her character, Moiselle, modeled and textured, including everything from wings to armor. A very striking interpretation!

Aion love by *nitro-killer This image was posted before the launch of Aion, but it's not one we've highlighted here before. We know that it's a bit early for Valentine's Day, but the sentiment was so neat, we wanted to share it.

Aion Images
Did you know that we have a forum section dedicated solely to uploading your Aion screenshots? Well, you do now. Have a look if you're curious!

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