Eye on Community 01.15.2010

Sirei on server [DE]Votan asks

"The community is having problems with the new fortress raid duration of 30 minutes. It also seems to cause a problem with the Dredgion. Will the time get adjusted again so that it is possible to attack and not only defend them?"

The siege system's timers have been topics for debate dating back to a patch we released for Aion just before the end of last year. The argument is that the new 30-minute siege duration, during which the Guardian Deity is present, is too short for a siege to be easily completed.

The timer change was initially brought to the table when we wanted to make fortresses change hands less often and be more valued. We wanted to make fortresses a little bit harder to take and a little bit easier to defend. The two-hour vulnerability timer we had at day one was too long and gave attackers too much of an advantage.

In retrospect, the recent timer changes may have been too drastic and all parameters may not be optimal. We are actively monitoring the feedback you are giving us on the new duration and have kicked off a dialogue with the Development Team. We hope to have something to share with the community in the next few weeks. Rest assured, we are pursuing this issue.

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Greetings and salutations!

We've been following discussions in the forums and on fansites extra closely lately. While we always roam the boards and read all the discussion there is, we cannot always reply. We want to let you know again that we appreciate your thoughts, and your ideas and suggestions for improvement are not going unnoticed.

Aion continues to develop on our side of things. We will make sure to announce information about upcoming content as soon as we have it. In the meantime, check out some of these community happenings:

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Aion—what? We bet you didn't think someone, somewhere in the world, would sit down and think: "I enjoy folding paper, and I enjoy Aion. How can these two marvels be combined?" We certainly didn't! Big shout out to Deceitful for his awesome take on Aion's character classes in this impressive origami display.

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