Community Starts With You

Hello Daevas,

We hope you have had a chance to review some of our recently released information on the server merges and character transfers. For the majority of you, these changes mean you will be calling a new server home.

Though the Aion game world will be the same, you'll be able to meet thousands of new faces. You can triumph over new enemies in the Abyss, quest with new group-mates, and investigate new Legions that offer a wealth of new experiences and ideas that may be different than 'how things used to be'. Some of you may need to navigate a new character name or a select a new Legion name by circumstance or by choice.

In this time of transition we encourage you to embrace this merge as a chance to strengthen your server community. It is easy to fall into the trap of excluding or rejecting players or Legions because they "weren't here previously on this server" and "don't know how we do things." Just as we are resetting the Abyss forts, this is a chance to reset, regroup, reorganize, and strengthen your community. We encourage you to reach out, be friendly, and have fun with your new server mates. Open your mind to new, positive possibilities.

We would also like to improve the community atmosphere on our forums as well as in the game. We are working to bring you more events both in-game and in the forums. We are endeavoring to strengthen and encourage positive engagement in the forums and in game. Some of you may have noticed that we have been working to crack down on trolling, abuse of other players, and harassment in our forums. While we will continue to focus on improving the atmosphere in our forums, we ask you to do your part when you participate.

Together we can work to make the Aion community the best around.


The official fan site kit is now available! The fansite kit has everything you will need to start your own Aion Fansite.

The kit includes:

  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Textures
  • Buttons
  • Character Renders
  • Concept Art
  • Screenshots
  • Wallpapers