Brand New North American Community Manager Joins the Team!

In the wake of Aion's success, the community has grown by leaps and bounds. For some time, we have felt a need to expand our team so that we can be more responsive and reach further with our nearly omnipresent tentacles.

Please gather around and welcome our new North American community manager, Andrew "Tamat" Beegle, to the team! He will be adding a lot of valuable knowledge taken from a long history of community experience to our group (that group being Amboss and myself).

Andrew has been building online gaming communities for over seven years. As a former gaming journalist and professional gamer, his fingers rest on the collective pulse of the online gaming community. He was born and raised in Alaska and is the oldest of four gamers. Andrew is also known in the community as Tamat, and some of his favorite games include: Diablo, Chrono Trigger, EverQuest, Command and Conquer: Generals, League of Legends, and Rock Band. His favorite food is sushi—please feel free to bribe him.

If you've been following the many Twitter adventures of Liv, you will notice that Andrew is going to use the same Twitter feed, which he's renamed to @aion_tamat. Liv will be taking a step back from the spotlight, but if you still want to see what she's up to, she maintains a personal feed.

With this post, I am, in the best of Olympic spirits, passing on the torch of interacting with the North American communities out to Andrew. Martin "Amboss" Rabl will continue to head up our German communities, and my own work will from now on be much more focused on our European communities.

Fly safe,

Sebastian "Ayase" Streiffert
Community Manager


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