Atreian Stock Market Report — October 2011

Greetings, Daevas!

This is Luichinchinnerk from the Black Cloud News Network with your October analysis of Atreia's stock market.

Prices for the most commonly traded commodities are still down, as the influx from the Double Drop Rate event continues to work its way through the market.

The first items we will look at today are Gold and Silver medals. Generally, the prices of these medals remain stable due to their nature; however, this month has seen a slight dip in value. This shugo feels that although the prices for medals are lower than normal, this is not an indication to invest heavily in medals, as the potential for profits is at best marginal.

In good news for crafters and scrolls, the price of Magical Aether has dropped significantly over the past month. Despite its lower than normal price, Aether remains a valuable commodity that will continue to sell briskly.

Finally, this is the time to buy end game scrolls such as Greater Running scrolls. Because of the number of scrolls brought by the Pumpkin King, scroll prices have plummeted to record lows. Take advantage of these great prices while they last!

As always, Luichinchinnerk reminds you that Daevas who
play the stock market take a risk. This bear market might
seem like the perfect time to buy, but a Daeva
could still end up with NYERK! Akakakakakak!


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