The Aion Community's Server Choices

Finding friends to play with is not always easy. Sometimes it is more fun to playing when you know that you are playing with others in your vicinity or with a similar play-style. In order to help those of you left in a quandary over what server to play on we devised a list of servers and player preferences based on polls and community research.

English should always be the used language in general or regional chat channels on any North American or English-tagged European server. We do however offer language-specific chat channels in Aion for those of you who want to speak other languages. These chat channels can be accessed by clicking the chat bubble on the left hand side of the chat window's input field. Please try to remain within the easily accessible chat channels when speaking other languages as that will ensure that the main chat channel is comprehensive and inviting to everyone.

Keep in mind that we do not provide official support based on the following list. We want to offer it up as guidance for new players who are still trying to decide on where to go. It represents the choices of the many communities in our fansite program and we have worked hard with these fansites for it to be as accurate as possible.

  • Danish - [ENG] Perento
  • Dutch - [ENG] Gorgos
  • Finnish - [ENG] Perento
  • Greek - [ENG] Spatalos
  • Hungarian - [ENG] Spatalos
  • Italian - [ENG] Telemachus
  • Norwegian - [ENG] Perento
  • Polish - [ENG] Gorgos
  • Portuguese - [ENG] Gorgos
  • Spanish - [ENG] Castor / [ENG] Gorgos
  • Swedish - [ENG] Perento
  • Czech + Slovak - [ENG] Telemachus
  • Lithuanian - [ENG] Spatalos
  • Turkish - [ENG] Spatalos
  • North America - Role players - [East] Lumiel
  • Europe - Role players - [ENG] Gorgos
  • Germany - Role players - [GER] Balder
  • France - Role players - [FRA] Vidar


The official fan site kit is now available! The fansite kit has everything you will need to start your own Aion Fansite.

The kit includes:

  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Textures
  • Buttons
  • Character Renders
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