Eye on Community 11.06.09

Smokespirit on server [GER]thor asks:

"How do Clerics earn Abyss Points?"

Abyss Points, in general, are rewarded based in the damage dealt by a whole group. (A group being, at maximum, six characters.) A Cleric will not gain any Abyss Points if he plays on his own and heals the members of a different group, but he will gain the same number of Abyss Points as his fellow group members receive when they fight other players or groups. He also gains the same amount of Abyss Points as anyone else would when dealing damage and successfully defeating opponents in one-on-one situations.

Eye on Community 10.30.09

Navalie, Templar on [ENG]Telemachus, asks:

"Many are complaining that it gets too slow to level up on some levels. When are you going to do something about that?"

Character progression is a complicated matter. Look at the famous board game, Monopoly. If each player started the game with twice the amount of money or a set of properties already owned, the challenge would be reduced, and ultimately the game would not be as enjoyable. However, the game would not run for as long, and you would more quickly get to the point where you manage the red hotels, which—let's face it—is good fun.

October Aion Community Address

It's been a month now since Aion opened its doors to players in North America and Europe. In that month, the growth of the game's community has signaled Aion's success. We've received an amazing amount of feedback, both positive and negative. We'd like to reiterate that we've been listening. We have been working around the clock toward solutions to the problems many of you have experienced.

You've told us that it's difficult to advance within certain level ranges. To address this issue, we're planning to raise quest experience, in addition to reevaluating the experience rewards characters gain for individual kills. We understand how frustrating it can be to repetitively kill enemies. Our goal is to limit the need to mindlessly "grind."

Eye on Community 09.10.23

Slynthia, Chanter on [Oceanic]Nezekan, asks:

"With more people getting closer to 50, and more people daily being involved in PvP, the claims of client instability in mass PvP seem to be rising. What plans are there to tackle this, in particular in regards to the higher end raids, where the numbers are likely to be quite high once people start hitting the level cap?"

Most claims of client instability stem from more or less the same issue, the dreaded "Crysystem.dll error". Over the last week we worked closely with our community and our fansites in order to help us get closer to a solution. We asked the administration of each site to help us gather helpful information, such as the IP address and time of report for those in their communities who had contacted our tech support team about this issue. Thanks to your feedback and the assistance of our great network of fansites, were able to submit a long list of data to our QA team.

The error is a confirmed bug and we have been working with the development team in Seoul to pinpoint the cause. A fix is in the works but the underlying cause is very complex. The bug requires a lot of work and testing before a permanent band-aid can be applied on top of it. The development team is investigating the matter and are testing a number of short and long term solutions, including better display options to the Aion client as well as system and memory optimizations.

We will make sure to keep you updated and will let you know as our potential solutions are tested through and ready to be implemented.

Brand New North American Community Manager Joins the Team!

In the wake of Aion's success, the community has grown by leaps and bounds. For some time, we have felt a need to expand our team so that we can be more responsive and reach further with our nearly omnipresent tentacles.

Please gather around and welcome our new North American community manager, Andrew "Tamat" Beegle, to the team! He will be adding a lot of valuable knowledge taken from a long history of community experience to our group (that group being Amboss and myself).

Andrew has been building online gaming communities for over seven years. As a former gaming journalist and professional gamer, his fingers rest on the collective pulse of the online gaming community. He was born and raised in Alaska and is the oldest of four gamers. Andrew is also known in the community as Tamat, and some of his favorite games include: Diablo, Chrono Trigger, EverQuest, Command and Conquer: Generals, League of Legends, and Rock Band. His favorite food is sushi—please feel free to bribe him.

Eye on Community 09.10.16

Bixie, Elyos Ranger on [ENG]Kahrun, asks:

"I personally believe that community in MMORPGs is created by game design, so can you please tell us what plans you have to develop this in EU Aion, especially in relation to enhanced Legion management tools and volunteer GM and guide programs?"

I agree that game design can be used to promote social interaction and community growth. With Aion, we had this in mind from the beginning. The best example is probably the Abyss. Fortress sieges in the Abyss promote bonding around a common cause and promote the forming of social groups, such as Legions. The Legions in turn provide customization, as displayed by the wide variety of crests used by Legions to identify themselves.

The Aion Community's Server Choices

Finding friends to play with is not always easy. Sometimes it is more fun to playing when you know that you are playing with others in your vicinity or with a similar play-style. In order to help those of you left in a quandary over what server to play on we devised a list of servers and player preferences based on polls and community research.

English should always be the used language in general or regional chat channels on any North American or English-tagged European server. We do however offer language-specific chat channels in Aion for those of you who want to speak other languages. These chat channels can be accessed by clicking the chat bubble on the left hand side of the chat window's input field. Please try to remain within the easily accessible chat channels when speaking other languages as that will ensure that the main chat channel is comprehensive and inviting to everyone.


The official fan site kit is now available! The fansite kit has everything you will need to start your own Aion Fansite.

The kit includes:

  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Textures
  • Buttons
  • Character Renders
  • Concept Art
  • Screenshots
  • Wallpapers