Eye on Community 12.18.09

Gere of Marchutan asks:

"I've seen the argument floating around the forums that there are only 8 debuff slots available on an enemy/mob, which causes debuffs to be "pushed off" as new debuffs are applied during a fight. Is it true that there are only 8 debuff slots total, or are there more but we can only view the most recent 8 debuffs?"

We see this question a lot. The answer is simple, but the reasoning behind it is part of the complex design philosophy in Aion that adds overall difficulty to a fight and helps separate the strong from the weak in tactical play.

Eye on Community 12.11.09

Hashmeer on [West]Kaisinel asks:

"We've heard rumors of a Christmas Event! Hopefully it will be better than Harvest Revel?"

You bet it will be better! We're excited about this year's Christmas event, one that we're calling the Solorius festival. The Holiday is a day to honor all the Daevas who ascended over the last year, and more broadly to honor Daevas for their service to humanity. The holiday actually goes way back in the game's lore, predating the Cataclysm. Now both hemispheres celebrate it in more or less the same way.

Many things will be happening. You will want to watch out for Santa Shugo for the chance to buy some Holiday themed items (go capitalism!) and if you get hungry during the festival you can always visit the bakery for a slice of cake. Of course no cake would be complete without some Victory Nectar to wash it down.

Eye on Community 12.04.09

Angelyna on [ENG]Spatalos server asks:

"Does the Aion Vision Trailer show content of an upcoming expansion? If so, when will it be released?"

This question is one we've been asked a lot this week, and we're not yet ready to answer it in much detail. The Aion vision trailer released at G-Star gave a glimpse at what we have in store for the future of Aion. As you can tell from the trailer, the development team is hard at work on evolving the Aion experience in unique and innovative ways. Some of the features highlighted in the trailer are further along in the development process than others. Because of this, we aren't ready to share or speculate on timeframes.

November Aion Community Address

Hello everyone,

It's been a busy couple of weeks here since the launch of AionM. The post-launch period of many games means that you have time for a bit of rest. After an MMO launches however, your job is just beginning.

Recently, we released a lot of information on the sales and success of Aion in respect to Europe and North America, and also globally. We are off to a very, very respectable start.

We are constantly delighted that so many of you purchased and are now playing Aion. Shortly after Aion's launch we experienced longer queue times than we would have liked. We reacted by working immediately on a server transfer system. However, the server transfer we began to implement was a rush job, and we are not happy with the result. As it currently stands, transferring characters is a manual process that would shift a significant percentage of our customer service staff members' focus from issues like real money transfers/trading (RMT) and botting that we feel should take priority.

Eye on Community 11.20.09

Bom on [DE]Balder asks:

"I've been crashing less since the 1.5.1 patch. Did you guys intentionally fix the Crysystem.dll problem?"

Yes, the crash issues during fortress sieges and other intensive activities were fixed with the patch we applied to the servers on Wednesday. In case you haven't read the final patch notes, take a look at the very last paragraph where the stability improvements are listed. We received this fix shortly before our scheduled maintenance and decided to include it together with the patch. We are glad that it works well for you.

Eye on Community 11.13.09

Grimgutt on [West]Fregion server asks:

"There has been a rumor going around that SM [Spiritmaster] pets will soon be able to fly with us so we do not lose and have to resummon them every time we fly. Is this true, and if so, how soon?"

Spiritmasters should be delighted to know that the rumor is true! Contrary to some rumors, though, this enhancement will not be part of the 1.5.1 update that will be coming to the NA and EU servers in November. Spiritmaster pets will soon be able to fly and fight along your side while in the air, a feature that will obviously be quite beneficial within the Abyss. As before, you will still only be able to summon a pet while on the ground.

Eye on Community 11.06.09

Smokespirit on server [GER]thor asks:

"How do Clerics earn Abyss Points?"

Abyss Points, in general, are rewarded based in the damage dealt by a whole group. (A group being, at maximum, six characters.) A Cleric will not gain any Abyss Points if he plays on his own and heals the members of a different group, but he will gain the same number of Abyss Points as his fellow group members receive when they fight other players or groups. He also gains the same amount of Abyss Points as anyone else would when dealing damage and successfully defeating opponents in one-on-one situations.


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