Eye on Community 02.12.2010

Aah, love is in the air!

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching our earthly realms while the Festival of Truth reigns in Atreia. Heart hats decorate Aion's larger cities like occasional tulips embellishing a vast green field. Log into the game and claim yours if you haven't already, but keep in mind that you will only be able to get one per server.

On another note, surely you didn't miss our impending Double XP weekend?

What exciting things have been happening out there in the community this week?

Eye on Community 02.05.2010

Cerafina on server [ENG]Perento asks:

"It's been several weeks now since the fort timer survey. When are we going to see a change?"

We've taken the data collected from the in-game survey and compared it to our internal server statistics. Based on these factors, our decision is to "keep the enemy on their heels." Next week we will be changing the capture timer to one hour, which is twice the amount of time it is currently set to.

Our goal in the original change was to increase the difficulty of these battles and reduce the amount of time players needed to dedicate for the event. We believe that the new timer achieves a good balance, but that doesn't rule out future reevaluations. We will be closely monitoring activity in the Abyss after the timer change is implemented to make sure that the battle rages on without any new negative side effects!

Eye on Community 01.29.2010

Redcoolhand on server [FR] Deltras asks:

"When are you going to ban bots and gold sellers again? Have you got a recent update for us? Thanks."

We have been quiet regarding this topic lately, but that doesn't mean that we have reduced our efforts—to the contrary!

As explained in our recent GSU's Message on Account Security, our fight against bots and gold sellers is not going to end tomorrow. We constantly ban accounts for bot use and gold selling/RMT. This month we enacted several massive bans totaling over 23,000 accounts in response to those issues.

Eye on Community 01.22.2010

Caladon on server [West]Kaisinel asks:

"You mentioned in the latest community address that you're having more events in the game in the future. Are they going to be like the Solorius Festival?"

We think in-game events are a great way to liven up your day in the game, to tie the community closer together, and to further Aion's lore. They are a necessity for keeping the game experience fresh. That we are planning for more in-game events was briefly touched on in our January Community Address, but we can say a few additional things here. Our planning is still at an early stage, but we have established a rough timeline for what we want to do over the coming year.

January Community Address

Greetings Daevas,

A month has passed since our December address—a month that's been very eventful in many ways.

Throughout January, we have seen many players asking about when they can expect new content updates, when our account services will go live, and when we will host another double experience weekend. We posted earlier this week about when you can expect another double experience weekend. In the short term, we're hoping to hold these events once or twice each month.

In upcoming months, we will tell you more about our content plans for the year. We will be adding a substantial amount of new content and refining the content we have already. We believe that an MMO is not only a product, it's a service. It deserves constant care and improvement. In that spirit, we will also be spending more time mobilizing in-game events. We are planning to offer frequent such events, and we are currently planning them out and looking at how we can make them as enjoyable as possible.

Eye on Community 01.15.2010

Sirei on server [DE]Votan asks

"The community is having problems with the new fortress raid duration of 30 minutes. It also seems to cause a problem with the Dredgion. Will the time get adjusted again so that it is possible to attack and not only defend them?"

The siege system's timers have been topics for debate dating back to a patch we released for Aion just before the end of last year. The argument is that the new 30-minute siege duration, during which the Guardian Deity is present, is too short for a siege to be easily completed.

Eye on Community 01.08.2010

Shalom on server [GER]Lephar says:

"A lot of players are wondering about the future development of Aion. Since the Aion Vision Trailer we haven't heard anything."

We'll be adding a significant amount of content to Aion through several updates to the game this year. We realize that after watching something as exciting as the Aion Vision Trailer many people are expectantly looking for information about the future of the game. We want to assure you that we strive to constantly provide game improvement and new content—and it will be coming throughout the year.


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