Eye on Community 03.26.2010

Question of the Week

Slashy of Kromede asked:

"I just got a notification that the server is shutting down in 60 seconds. Can't you let us know about it earlier when you do maintenance?"

Whenever we plan maintenance, our goal is to tell the players about it at least a day in advance. Sometimes, however, urgent maintenance is needed, and it's only possible to give a couple of hours' notice (or less). We try hard to avoid giving players these shorter notification windows. Occasionally, a server has to be shut down and restarted immediately. This is when you encounter the infamous 60 seconds notification message in the game.

Eye on Community 03.19.2010

Happy Friday Daevas!

Welcome back to our weekly gaze at the community! The community is alive and kickin' as ever out there, and in the middle of it all, The Escapist decided to launch something it calls the "2010 March Mayhem." It's a head-to-head brawl between gaming companies where we're all thrown into a giant lion pit to fend for ourselves with nothing but a pot lid and butter knife. Head on over and show us your support!

Question of the Week


of Marchutan asks:

"My question is why can't Guards fly? Aren't they Daevas too?"

Just like other Daevas, the Archons and Guardians defending the fortresses and villages of Asmodae and Elysea have limitations on where and for how long they can take to the air. You can see some flying around Verteron Citadel and Altgard Fortress.

Eye on Community 3.12.2010

Happy Friday, Daevas!

Daylight saving time begins in the United States this Saturday. Safety officials use that biannual event as a reminder: Change your clocks, and change your smoke alarm batteries. This important reminder is meant to keep you safe. Well, we want to keep your character safe as well, so we're officially putting an MMO spin on this adage.

That's right! At NCSOFT, we want you to change you clock, change your batteries, and change the password for your Aion account. By doing so, you will make giant steps toward keeping you and your virtual personae safe For more tips on how to stay safe in Atreia, visit our PlaySmart Page.

Eye on Community 03.05.2010

Cyprius on server [FR]Deltras asks:

"Seeing chatter about two patches, 1.9 and 2.0, at the same time confuses me. What's the difference between the two, and will there be a difference between their release here and in Korea?"

Aion in Korea is always a bit ahead of Aion here in the West in terms of game version. Sometimes we get updates more quickly, and other times, they take us longer to roll out because we have to do more work behind the scenes to implement them. If an update contains a large amount of content that requires localization into English, French, and German, it takes longer to implement the update.

Eye on Community 02.26.2010

Dorthax of [UK] Kahrun asks:

"Just like Darkness meets Light, which forms the most beautiful colors of passion during sunrise or sunset…
Just like the Ying and the Yang, which are opposites, yet form a perfect circle…
Just like Fire and Water, opposites, but when combined give birth to vapor and are no more…

What would happen if a child of Asmodae would fall in love with a child of Elysea?"

Good question, Dorthax—but not one you'd want to ask openly in the streets of Pandaemonium. There are many conflicting ideas about what would happen if an Asmodian and an Elyos got together, but most everyone seems to agree that it would be bad indeed. If this event has ever happened, those involved have certainly kept it quiet. And for good reason; in the current situation of all-out war, the Shedim Lords would not look kindly on someone who chose to consort with the enemy, and would most likely see them as a traitor. For all their differences in other areas, the Seraphim Lords appear to feel the same way.

February Community Address: Letter from Aion's Producer

Greetings Daevas,

First off, I want to share that I am very excited to serve you—all of the Aion players—as Aion producer for NCSOFT West. Having worked on Aion for the better part of two years, I've seen it grow from PAX 2007 and the first demo area in Poeta to prelaunch mayhem and now post-launch live operations. As a fellow Aion player myself, I have a vested interest in making it the best game possible, and helping you feel as excited about it as I am. Aion has huge potential, and we have only tapped the surface. We are working on a lot of exciting things set to release in both the near-term and long-term timeframe.

Eye on Community 02.19.2010

Jefnyerk the Sad on [East] Zikel asks:

"Nyerk! Has anyone seen Dianyerk? Jefnyerk is sad Shugo! Nyerk nyerk."

Dear Jefnyerk,

Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate your love, Dianyerk, but we're counting on the Aion community to help you out. I'd recommend that you head to the capital cities and ask the Daeva residents for assistance.

Do you want to be the one asking the Question of the Week next time? Drop us an e-mail with your character name, server, and question at


Greetings Daevas,


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