Solorius Festival Screenshot Card Contest

Solorius is just around the corner and we want to see how you celebrate! Gather up 5 of your closest Daeva friends and take a screenshot together as a holiday card wishing everyone a Happy Solorius. 

- How to Participate - 

  1. To enter, you must submit a screenshot of a group (6 players) wishing a everybody a Happy Solorius. 
  2. Entries must include the server and character names on the screenshot as well as in the email. 
  3. Entries must be submitted to by December 17, 2015 with "Aion Solorius Festival Screenshot Card Contest" as the subject and "This email is submitted as an entry in the Aion Solorius Festival Screenshot Card Contest" in the body.
  4. Entries will be judged by the Aion team based on creativity, originality, and the best representation of the Solorius Festival theme.
  5. Winners will be announced on December 23, 2015 and will be posted on the Aion website and forums.

- Prizes - 

  1. Three screenshots, for a total of 18 winners, will be selected to receive an [Event] Heartseeker Outift.
  2. Prizes will be mailed to the character names provided in the screenshots.


12182014_Heartseeker-Outfit_f.jpg Thumbnail image for 12182014_Heartseeker-Outfit_m.jpg

Click here for the official rules.


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