Eye on Community - June

Greetings Daevas,

When we started writing this edition of the Eye on Community we couldn't help but think "how did it get so late so soon?" We're already at the end of June and the time has flown by. Probably because we were so busy doing the new2.5 instances, playing with our new pets and spending time trying on and selecting our outfits to go to the Disco Party! We're pretty sure you saw some funky Elyos and Asmodians rocking Atreia in their blond afro and sparkly suits!

We also executed several small contests on our website and forums, we hope you enjoyed them as much as we did; according to the number of participations we received, we believe you did!

On the menu for this edition of the Eye on Community: pure fun!

You'll discover the face of the members of our lovely community team and get to know, among other things, their most memorable "epic fails"! You'll get to see various screenshots submitted by our players of the new 2.5 graphics! We'll show you how to create a transparent legion logo for your new cloaks so you can make your Legion logo unique. And you'll have the chance to discover interviews of the players who led Urtem and Zikel to be part of Aion history by defeating Sematariux and Padmarashka, respectively, for the very first time here in the West!

Only good things in perspective, hope you'll enjoy this June Eye on Community and good game to all!

Have fun, Daevas, and we'll see you in game!

Coming Soon - Independence Daeva

Independence Daeva marks the traditional anniversary of when the original Humans declared themselves free from oppressive Balaur rule. We celebrate the brave Humans who, though they didn't yet possess Daevic power, decided that they would refuse to bow down to the Dragon Lords as the Mau and Krall had done.

Refer-A-Friend Revamp!

The Refer-A-Friend Program has been updated! Help us welcome into the fold new players and in return you will both receive Berdin's Amulets (50% xp boost for 1 hour with a 1 hour cooldown)! You don't need to wait six months anymore, you can do so right now! What are you waiting for? Go recruit some friends — build up an Army for your faction, and get some free swag, too!

Eye on Community - May

Greetings Daevas,

In this pretty month of May, it's all about the 2.5! In this issue of Eye on Community, we'll tell you about—and show you—some of the exciting changes that arrive with the Aion® 2.5 update: the new mentor system, the fresh character customization options, and some amazing new trendy costumes.

This past month has been rich in activities and excitement. It started with the long-awaited reveal of the Aion 2.5 Empyrean Calling™ live date: May 25! To top that off, you had the chance to try 2.5 on the Public Test Server (PTS) starting May 12. For those of you who have tried 2.5, feel free to give us your feedback on the official forums. We're happy to know what you think.

As we are publishing, every single Aion player is enjoying the Daeva Palooza, which consists of a weeks-long buffet of events of all sorts to celebrate the new update. If all that isn't enough, we are also putting in place a faction incentive program. This program, which aims to swell the ranks of the underdog faction (currently, the Asmodians), will swing into place soon.

For all you fashionistas out there, the black and white dyes you were looking for are now available at the NCSOFT store until June 18. Pick them up and give yourself a new wardrobe for the spring!

Have fun, Daevas, and we'll see you in game!

Eye on Community - April

Greetings, Daevas!

Aion 2.5 is the highlight of this month's Eye on Community. We bring you informative Empyrean Calling articles about the mentor system, the Empyrean Crucible Insignia rewards (including gorgeous new costumes), and Legion attire. This month's Eye on Community also includes a new segment of the Atreian Stock Market and our regular monthly interviews of a prominent player and a Legion.

Another month flew by. In April, we launched the Behind Enemy Lines event, paid character transfers, and the complete makeover of! We hope that you continue to enjoy the design of the new website. If you have not yet done so, take a dip into the My Aion section to dive into Aion's game data, search for your characters and those of your friends, or explore a wealth of in-game information.

By the way, make sure to get your hands on your set of our new Lineage® II-inspired armor skin! These armor skins are available only until May 16, 2011. Don't miss your chance to show off your grace, power, and style and your love for Lineage® II!

Finally, we'd like to remind you that the Aion 2.5 update, Empyrean Calling, will be available on the player test server (PTS) on May 12, 2011 and will release on the live servers on May 25, 2011. Make sure to attend our special mini-events on the live servers celebrating the upcoming 2.5 update!

Have fun, play fair, and we'll see you in game!

Eye on Community - March

Eye on Community
Greetings, Daevas!

In this month's in Eye on Community, we bring you an interview with Aion Producer Sean Neil and Aion Brand Manager Dominic Wai, we delve again into trends in Trade Broker pricing in our segment on the Atreian Stock Market, and we take a closer look at what crafters focus on in the Master Craft segment. We also give you a player's perspective of the PvP Daevadome live event expressed through screenshots.

March saw the Fortune Fayre visit Atreia and was also host to our A Call for Spies and Soldiers! and Behind Enemy Lines events. Recently we also ran the Welcome Back—Reactivation Celebration, in which we allowed inactive players to take another look at Aion in its current state to see all the great updates and improvements that have been made since its Western release.

We're also looking forward to April, as everyone knows that April 1 will hold some surprises.

Have fun, and see you in game!

Eye on Community — February 2011

Greetings Daevas,

In this month in Eye on Community, we bring you interviews with Hayate of Urtem and the Another Cold Day Legion, an article on the Atreian Stock Market, and a look at fashion accessories in the Master Craft segment. You can also get a player's perspective of the Love to the Rescue and Vanity Fayre live events through screenshots. And by the way, a big "grats" again to the winners of Vanity Fayre: Season One!

This month we're also hosting Gateway Getaway and Double XP events. For two weeks, we open new entrances to the Chambers of Roah, Asteria Chambers, Kysis Chamber, Mieren Chambers, and Abyssal Splinter. These entrances in Reshanta are at Primum (Asmodian) and Teminon (Elyos). Now you can try several fortress instances regardless of faction ownership and level up more quickly if you haven't gotten to 55 to run the fortresses.

Have fun, and see you in-game!


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