5th Anniversary Caption Contest


Five years ago, the world of Atreia was opened to all Daevas who dared take up arms to fight both the Balaur and the loathsome rival faction—all in the name of Aion, to bring peace to a world torn apart. This month we mark Aion’s 5th anniversary with a month-long celebration to commemorate this milestone.

As we commence the anniversary festivities, we will be hosting a caption contest on Facebook with prizes including the Porgus Costume Set and the Joyful Daeva Costume Set.

- How to Participate -

  1. To enter, you must Like the Aion Facebook page. Click here to visit the page now to do so.

  2. Post a fitting caption with your in-game character name and server on the designated screenshot(s) we upload.

  3. Inappropriate captions will be disqualified and/or removed.

Two winners will be selected at random each day we hold the contest with a total of 16 winners at the end of the event. Each winner will receive (1) Porgus Costume Set or (1) Joyful Daeva’s Costume Set.

A screenshot will be uploaded on these days at random times:

  • •    Wednesday, September 10

  • •    Friday, September 12

  • •    Monday, September 15

  • •    Thursday, September 18

  • •    Monday September 22

  • •    Thursday, September 25

  • •    Monday, September 29

  • •    Thursday, October 2

All prizes will be delivered via in-game mail within 24 hours after winners are announced. Keep a watchful eye on our Facebook page on the listed days to participate and win!

Please click here for the official event rules.


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The kit includes:

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