"How to Defeat Beritra for Daevas" Video Guide Winners

It is no easy task clearing through Drakenspire Depths to reach Beritra, but these Daevas took on the challenge to put together a comprehensive instance video guide to help other fellow Daevas to be just as successful in defeat Beritra! Please congratulate our First Place winners in scoring a pair of Beritra's Phantom Wings, and our Runner Up winners will get a Beritra's Equipment Box.


First Place Winners

Tiamat - Nepty, Squirtcheese, Percephony, Daggers, Ramsey, Nikitayu, eZe, Yezu, GypsyRazer, Reficul, Brooklyne, JaegerShots


Runner Up Winners

Siel - Protohype, lalaisland, Qtpoos, Xeeno, Masterbaiting, BronzeFivegNaR, KitKat, Bongscope, Popoku, Banhae, ChoaChoa, Fez


Thank you all to those who entered! Prizes will be delivered to the winning player's inventory by end of day, Monday, July 27, 2015.


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