"How to Defeat Beritra for Daevas" Video Guide Contest


Share your success in the exploration of Drakenspire Depths where Dragon Lord Beritra lurks. Put together a video guide for your fellow Daevas so they too can defeat Beritra and reap the rewards. The entire party featured in the winning video guides will too be rewarded!

- What We Are Looking For in the Video Guide -

  • a) How to start the Drakenspire Depths raid;
  • b) Class composition for the raid – what roles each class plays and why;
  • c) Suggested minimum gear and stats needed for each class; and
  • d) What to do during key elements of the battle – avoid x attack, don’t panic during x, etc.

- How to Participate -

  1. Put together a Drakenspire Depths video guide with 11 other legionmates or friends detailing what we are looking for in the video guide noted above.
  2. The video should not be longer than 12 minutes and must uploaded to YouTube. If you are going to use music, please only use music from Aion. Usage of any other music will result in immediate disqualification.
  3. Email your video guide YouTube link with the email subject: "How to Defeat Beritra for Daevas" Video Guide Contest to Please include this line in the email body: "This email is submitted as an entry in the Aion "How to Defeat Beritra for Daevas" Video Guide Contest, along with your in-game character name, server, and alliance members (up to 12 including yourself) who helped with running the instance.
  4. Please only submit one entry for your alliance.

- Reward -

Entries will be rated by best composition and thoroughness of the video guide, creativity, and originality. One video will be the Grand Prize Winner and each listed participating member in the video guide will receive Beritra’s Phantom Wings. A second video will be chosen as a Runner Up and the group will recieve Beritra’s Equipment Box.


All entries must be received by July 20, 2015. Please click here for official contest rules. Best of luck, Daevas!



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