Draw Me Like One of Your Rainbow Snakes Parody Contest Winners

Rainbow Snake would be proud of Hiss disciples and the representation of Hiss Prismatic Coils. Please congratulate our Rainbow Snake disciples on their winning entries!


The Mona Hissa




First Place, Fine Art

First Place, Movie Poster


Fine Art Parody

First Place: Shimizuakira - Tiamat

Second Place: Andesite - Tiamat

Runner-Up: Biggy - Kahrun, Falanyel - Siel


Movie Poster Parody

First Place: Rakesh - Israphel

Second Place: ShaoJun - Tiamat

Runner-Ups: Faywolf - Siel, KrusnikAbel - Israphel, SailorxMoon - Tiamat


First Place winners will receive Trillirunerk's Feather; Second Place Winners will receive an [Event] Everlasting Chronamimbus Container; and the Runner-Ups will recieve a Rainbow Snake Costume. We really enjoyed the all the entries and as a thank you, all qualifying fine art or movie poster parody will receive (1) [Event] Chromatic Gift.

All prizes will be delivered via in-game mail within 48 hours.


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