Rainbow Snake's Ugly Children


Those glorified by the gaze of the Rainbow One are judged not by the size of their wings or the prescence of manes. The Aion team, on the other hand, absolutely judges - and harshly. And we want to see the most foul creations you can come up with using our character creator!


- How to Participate - 

  1. Using Aion's character creator, create the strangest, ugliest character you can. 
  2. Take a screenshot and email it to us at AionCommunity[at]
  3. Using the subject line "Aion Rainbow Snake's Ugly Children Contest" the email must also include your character name and server, as well as the phrase, "this email is submitted as an entry in the Aion Rainbow Snake's Ugly Children Contest."
  4. The entry period is from April 6, 2016 to April 27, 2016. Winners will be decided by the Aion team based on creativity, originality, and adherence to the theme. (The uglier the better!)
  5. Winners will be announced on April 28, 2016. Prizes will be delivered on or before May 4, 2016.
  6. Read the official rules here


- Prizes - 

1st Place - Rainbow Big Wig, Trillirunerk's Feather (Magical or Physical)

2nd Place - Rainbow Big Wig, [Event] Everlasting Chronanimbus Container

3rd Place - Rainbow Big Wig, Rainbow Snake Costume


Send us your creations before April 27, 2016!


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