Server First: The Aethertech Challenge

Prepare your Bastion because becoming the first level 65 Aethertech on your faction and server will win you recognition and a handsome prize! If you’re up for the challenge, get your Aethertech ready because once the servers go live, it will be a race!

To be considered for the event, you just need to create an Aethertech and get it to level 65. However, using Secret Remedy of Growth items will be grounds for disqualification. Any Terms of Server/User Agreement violations will also result in immediate disqualification. We know it won’t take long for some of you to reach level 65 but you have until February 7, 2014 to be considered for the event. After February 7, we’ll double-check, triple-check our data to find each faction and server firsts.

There will be eight winners, one winner per faction per server. Winners will receive (1) Wild Kitter’s Cipher-Blade, which can be worn as a skin by visiting the Item Remodeler in the capital cities.  

Official winners will be announced on February 13, 2014. Please click here for the official rules.

Best of luck, Daevas!



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