[West]Fregion is coming!

[West]Fregion is live! [West]Fregion is the first server to be added after our very successful launch of Aion. A European server and an East Coast North American server are also on the way.

The name "Fregion" has its origin in ancient Atreian lore, taken from the one Drakan that sparked history-altering pretension in the Balaur Empire, eventually leading to the Epic Cataclysm.

[West]Fregion has been set to North American West Coast time and is only the first in a line of servers we are rolling out. Aion has enjoyed tremendous popularity during these first couple of days, and we are aware of the queues on the most populated servers. We hope that our addition of fresh servers to choose from and conquer, for new and old players alike, will help in making these queues shorter and allow even more players to enjoy the game.

We will continue to monitor the situation and maintain the delicate balance between managing busy servers versus overcompensating by adding new servers that may become underpopulated.

Enjoy [West]Fregion, and stay tuned to future information about the upcoming servers additions.