Weekly Web Roundup 10.28.09

In this Weekly Web Roundup, we take a look at two posts from USA Today's Game Hunters - the first is a review of Aion and the second is an article that gives reveals a variety of gameplay tips straight from the producers of the game. In addition to that, we're featuring two interviews that showcase some of the personalities within the Aion team, Producer Brian Knox and North America Community Manager, Andrew Beegle.

We begin the roundup this week with a favorable review that was published in USA Today by Robert Ahrens. In the review, Robert mentions: "For the first time in my MMO experience, I felt as if my character was meant for something other than 'leveling up' and getting better gear. There is a vast storyline being played out with your character as you move through the game. The campaign quest lines bring this about with rich cinematics and narratives through non-playable characters (NPCs)." You can read the entire review online at the USA Today website.

How would you like some "Tips and Tricks" from the North American producers of Aion? USA Today published an article with quotes from Aion Producer Brian Knox, Associate Producer Lani Blazier, and Associate Producer Chris Hager. In the article, you'll find beginner's quest tips, intermediate grinding tips, and advanced Legion tips that will benefit even the most seasoned of adventurers.

Last week, sat down with Aion Producer Brian Knox to talk about some of the hurdles that the Aion team faced in the first month. During the interview, Brian went into great detail about tools to remove spammers. Make sure to check out the full interview with Brian at

It didn't take long for the new NA Community Manager to receive interview requests. Earlier today, Massively published NA Community Manager Andrew "Tamat" Beegle's first interview. Andrew answered questions on subjects ranging from future community plans to the upcoming quest experience boost. Check out Andrew's full interview over at Massively.

That's the roundup for this week. Be sure to check back every week for links to the latest news about Aion.