Weekly Web Roundup 10.14.09

This week's roundup is filled to the brim with reviews and news! Now that Aion has launched, websites across the Internet are sharing their thoughts about Aion—and everyone agrees, Aion is one of the year's most remarkable games. reviewed Aion recently, giving the year's most anticipated MMORPG the Editor's Choice Award and a score of 8.5! G4TV took a look at Aion also and deemed it "well-polished" and "luscious-looking." A number of other gaming sites weighed in with their scores and impressions of the game, including RPG Fan, The Onion AV Club, and reported that some of the first Daevas have reached their full potential. The first level 50 Aion characters in our Western servers have been sighted.

And finally, Digital Spy reports that this week Aion topped the PC games sales chart again.

Aion continues to soar. Be sure to check out the next high-flying web roundup!