Weekly Server Maintenance, September 11, 5:30 AM Central

There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, September 11 from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 3.5 hours.

- Changes -

  1. Routine server updates and modifications.
  2. Adjust equipment enchantment levels that were not intended.
  3. Chat level restriction will increase to level 30 on the Standard server.
  4. New characters will be directed immediately to the Fast-Track server upon character creation.
  5. Qualified Prestige Pack subscribers from July 31 to August 6 will receive their 400 NCoin bonus after the maintenance.
  6. Wealth Lockboxes will no longer drop in game and the key will no longer be on sale.
  7. Enchantment Lockboxes will drop in game and the key will be on sale in the store.

Thank you for your patience!