Wealth Lockboxes coming Wednesday!

Beginning Wednesday, February 27, Wealth Lockboxes will begin dropping in place of Combat Lockboxes all over Atreia. You will need a Wealth Lockbox key in order to open it. As with Combat Lockbox Keys, you can get these in-game, purchase them from another player, or buy them on the Black Cloud Marketplace!

We will be rotating the lockboxes monthly, so expect to see Combat Lockboxes back in couple of months! Please note that if you have a Combat Lockbox Key, it will not open a Wealth Lockbox - but don't throw it away because Combat Lockboxes WILL be back!

Wealth Lockboxes can provide you with - you guessed it! - different kinds of wealth! Atreia has many currencies, and most of them can be gained as a treasure from this box. The table below shows all possible drops from the Wealth Lockbox. Expect to see these new lockboxes after maintenance on Wednesday!