Victor Shugo Unveils New Experimental Lab

The Black Cloud Traders Experimental Division has announced the opening of a new experimental lab led by the renowned researcher, Victor Shugo. Victor Shugo, known for his brilliant yet dangerous research on charging phlogistonic aether with lightning, will be heading the research facility.

In coordination with the Black Cloud Traders, the Empyrean Lords will be highlighting Victor Shugo's research as an ongoing feature, using your hypotheses for his mad experiments! Victor Shugo's current experimental project, though shrouded in secrecy, will be revealed next week to the populace of Atreia. You don't want to miss the unveiling!


Negotiations with one of the night-shift "sources" has delivered some "discovered" excerpts from one of Victor Shugo's "conveniently misplaced" journals.

(The majority of this page is charred and burned. You can make out just a few lines)

"Day5. We arrived in a safe harbor and found a very (smudged writing) guide to lead us towards the little beast villages. Equipment was nearly broken when a stupid nyerk mistook my explosive satchel for lunch-sack! Good thing Victor took the time to line gear with heat reflective foil! Wise Daeva once told m…" (The rest of this page is burnt beyond recognition)

*UPDATE #2 !*

(This page is smeared with a purple substance that smells of jam.. at least you suspect it to be jam. Most of the page is stuck to itself and illegible except for a few sentences)

"… the huts had all been burnt and smashed, much resembling my own laboratory. Akakakakak! Guide thinks disturbance emanating from the lake. Victor Shugo thinks guide stupid, but sounds like perfect time to test vinna emollient's natural threshold for reverberation."

*UPDATE #3 !*

(This page is mostly shredded and torn, it appears as if an animal of some sort had chewed on it at length)

"…amount of force per cubic meter of those snapping mandibles is… amazing! Nyerk! Bet if I was able to cross crestlich with biting power of enormous bug… wait… NYERK! Akakakak! What am I thinking?! Crestlich cannot fly!"

*UPDATE #4 !*

(This page yet again is mostly burned. This seems to be a common theme with the fragile writings of Victor Shugo)

…fought off the invaders as they poured through the gate. If calculations are correct, explosives installed near entrance SHOULD take out enemy force without collapsing cave. Cave looks sturdy, right? Akakakakakak! Just in case cave NOT sturdy, I installed even larger amount of explosives to clear away cave-in rubble. Cave In! Nyerk! Akakakakak!