Valentine's Day Event

Love is in the Air in Aion!

Some of the season’s most popular costumes will be on sale for 50% off in the Black Cloud Marketplace! Look your best for that special Daeva out there! There will also be fireworks, Valentine's themed housing items, and much much more! Be sure head on over there and check it out!

50% off until 2/20!

  • Truelove Outfit
  • Paletine's Party Dress
  • Marra's Party Dress
  • Beatific Outfit
  • Uptown Apparel
  • Couture Clothing

Keep your eyes peeled for Chocorunerk in Oriel or Pernon! They will have a special task for you to complete for some unique rewards! Right Heart Pieces can be paired with Left Heart Pieces to gain a United Heart Bundle, which can grant you Godstones, Crafting Materials, Enchantment Stones and Souvenir Statues. Left Festival Heart Pieces can be purchased from the Black Cloud Marketplaceonce a week for only 1 NCoin! Check out the details here!

The servers will come down for scheduled maintenance from 5:30AM to 9:00AM Central Time.

Please be aware that we will be saying goodbye to the New Beginnings event! Be sure to turn in all of your crystals to the appropriate NPC!