Updated Wedding Dress and Tuxedo on the NCSOFT Store

Hello Daevas,

We recently started selling the wedding dress/tuxedo on our store. This version is reskinnable; however you are unable to dye it. We are planning on adding the dye-able version to the store on August 03, 2011. This dye-able version is only skinnable once.

If you have already purchased the wedding dress, but wanted to be able to dye it, you may send in a ticket to the CS team to request an item switch. Please be aware, the dye-able version is not reskinnable.

If you purchase the wedding dress after this announcement and want the dye-able version, DO NOT RESKIN the item. Any wedding dresses purchased after July 20th, 2011 at 6:00 pm PDT / 9:00 pm EDT, if reskinned, will not be eligible for a dye-able version replacement.