Updated Veteran Rewards

Today marks the introduction of Veteran Rewards for players who have had an active Aion account for seven months and beyond. The Aion Veteran Rewards program was introduced as a token of our appreciation to reward Daevas that have played Aion with unwavering dedication. Now that you've received the six month reward, it's time to unveil what we have planned next.

Months 7, 8, 10 and 11: Honored Daeva

For each of these months we will give you tools of recovery and revival, along with a Major Ancient Crown that serves as the ultimate gift card for a player of your status.

Month 9: Guardian Daeva

Guardian Daevas will earn an Expand Warehouse Ticket. Now you can expand your Warehouse a full row of inventory slots for free to give you more storage space for all the items you've accumulated! We also reward you with five Recovery Crystals, five Revival Stones, and one Major Ancient Crown.

To redeem your Veteran Rewards, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your NCSOFT Master Account.
  2. Click the Game Accounts link.
  3. Select an Aion game account listed on the Game Accounts page.
  4. Click the Apply in-Game Items link in the Action section.
  5. Select a server in which you have made a character, and click the Next button.
  6. Select a character to receive the Veteran Rewards, and click the Next button.
  7. Click the checkbox next to an item pack or packs, and click the Next button.
  8. Review the confirmation page, and click the Apply the Items/Item Packs to This Character button.

Remember to stop by our Veteran Rewards to learn more about how it works. Enjoy!

—The Aion Community Team