Two-Year Anniversary Celebration

Greetings, Daevas!

Our two-year anniversary is right around the corner, and we have set up some celebratory activities for you to enjoy.

We want everyone to be able to participate in the fun, so all accounts in good standing will be reactivated for our two week-long celebration. Reactivation surveys with anniversary gifts from us to you will arrive daily!

First, during this anniversary period, we'll be turning on Double Drops and Double XP. This doubling is true doubling that is not scaled based on your level. Grind those mobs, run those instances, do those dailies—and watch your XP bar and your inventory fill up twice as fast!

Second, we are running the Ascension Festival event. Every 20 minutes that you're logged in, your character gets an Ascension Energy token that you can trade in for rewards. Use them to get costumes, fun weapon skins, and mystery gifts that can give you dyes and candies.

Third, we are going to celebrate daily on the forums with contests and giveaways. We will be giving away White, Black, and Pink Dyes, Fall Uniforms (Uptown Apparel), and sailor outfits (Mini Dress Blues and Whites). You can join in the fun daily every morning and afternoon during the event. Don't miss it!

Finally, the Picking Up the Past event continues during our Two-Year Anniversary Celebration. That means this increases the drop rates for those Insect Fossils too!

Join in as we celebrate Aion becoming two years old!