Tiamat Slayer Guide Contest winners: the Tiamat Asmodian alliance!

Many alliances have braved the Dragon Lord's Refuge, but few can claim they have successfully defeated the mighty Tiamat! To assist their fellow alliances in defeating Tiamat, we asked those players who had defeated the dread Dragon Lord to send in their videos and strategies for completing the instance in our Tiamat Slayer Guide Contest, with Eternal Tiamat weapons on the line as the prize reward!

We received great submissions from victorious alliances, but only one could win the grand prize. We are pleased to announce that the Asmodian alliance on the Tiamat server are our 1st place winners!

Their fantastic guide to defeating Tiamat can be read on their website, and we will have the .pdf file available for download on Aion Online shortly. Accompanying the guide is their video on how to beat the Dragon Lord's Refuge; study it well and your alliance will stand a better chance!

Congratulations again to our winners, and congratulations to our runners up, the Siel Asmodian alliance and the Tiamat Elyos alliance, who will receive Dragon Slayer titles for submitting their guides and videos!